Former USPS Board Leader To Privately Meet With House Dems Amid Crisis At Agency

David Williams, who served as the vice chairman of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors until the end of April, will reportedly meet privately with the House Progressive Caucus this week amid backlash over Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s shake-ups at the agency.

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DeJoy better lawyer up.


This is good. Getting the inside information with a frank and accurate accounting of what went on, and without the enablers grilling him, is a perfect way to proceed.


It will be interesting to see how the information is handled. Leak it to influence DeJoy’s testimony to the Senate on Friday or wait until DeJoy lies his ass off and then throw the information at him.

Tough call.

Ron Johnson and his gop friends may be spinning this on Friday (Rand Paul, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Lankford) but Romney may not. I’ll be watching Portman to see whether his spine will allow him to stand upright.

Peters, Harris and the Dems better be studying like Katie Porter would and not grandstand.


I would have a robust use of professional litigators.

The public knows which side the Dems are on. Keep grandstanding at a minimum. It’s like Miles Davis once said to Trane:

You don’t have to play EVERYTHING!


I agree on the litigators doing the questioning. Can Ron Johnson stop that?


Johnson’s influence stops with Nancy’s Chamber


1. Through this USPS scandal lots of Qs about the views of rural voters. That's why when a donor volunteered to fund a survey of JUST rural voters I volunteered to admin it, & teamed up w @WinWithJMC, a GOP consultancy to ensure the poll would have as much legitimacy as possible

— Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer 📈🔭🍌 (@RachelBitecofer) August 18, 2020


Removing the stupid 75yr pension-funding obligation must be one of the first orders of Congressional biz in 2021. That was a form of Republican Terrorism when it was enacted.


Portman is an eel. No spine.

As I posted elsewhere, Mr. DeJoy better be ready to see the underside of the bus.


A pretty safe bet that the meeting with the House Progressive Caucus is the Democrats doing their homework for DeJoy’s Monday testimony before the House Oversight Committee.


Not just the usual institutional memory. Williams served with the trump-appointed governors. He knows what they were aware of. He may even have had conversations with them about their intent. DeJoy is not the only one who might have benefited from advice of counsel before heading down this corrupt path.


If he uses the word “efficiency “ even once, PLEASE ask him and his Board for their detailed analyses of how each operational change made or contemplated is expected to increase throughput and quality AND reduce costs. PLEASE ASK! Make them show their nakedness to all.


I have a hard time believing that ditching the high speed sorters is going to increase throughput. That isn’t the same as redeployment after research, but I have heard they have been dumped in the trash.


Yesterday I referred to his spine as vestigial. He’s supposed to have one but alas, no longer works.

As a reminder, in 2006 Portman was at OMB for the 75yr pension-funding legislation. He was pretty proud of it at the time. He’s probably still proud but wishes people would forget his role.


Even if he does, he’s going to go down.
Maybe not into prison, but definitely in the minds and hearts of We The People.

Agreed about David Williams. It’s a really good move.

When they finally start grilling DeJoy, I hope he is as forthcoming as Gordon Sondland finally became when he sat down before the House Intelligence Committee. Of course, he might not be as forthcoming if he’s also anticipating a pardon from a lame duck mofo orange-peel. I think pardons/commutations are reserved for political operatives with Nixon tattoos, older-than-dirt racist sheriffs, and maybe treasonous generals. I don’t know if a postmaster general who subverts the Constitution reaches that level.

Be sure to meet with front line USPS supervisors, sorters and letter carriers as well.

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I’m so sick of these non-lawyer politicians trying to play lawyer when it comes to questioning witnesses in this climate and these times. The idiotic hubris and sheer, rank incompetence of these lay people trying to examine or cross-examine witnesses absolutely kills me. If they don’t turn over questioning to House lawyers, at least turn it over to Representatives who are lawyers/prosecutors and know how to ask a question. Or leave it to the lay people who have the native smarts to figure out it like AOC