Flynn, DOJ Ask Judge To Hold Off On Sentencing Until IG Russia Probe Report Drops

The Justice Department and lawyers for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn asked a federal judge to hold off on Flynn’s sentencing until after the DOJ inspector general’s report on the origins of the Russia probe are release, set to become public early next month.

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“Flynn/lawyers ask to delay his deserved jail time until Fat Billy Barr can fake up some smoke that lets Donald pardon Mike to buy his silence.”


Trump Admin law-breakers get DOJ as their defense team. Meanwhile, innocent motorists get killed for driving while black.


This lunatic committed real crimes with no ambiguity built in. It isn’t a close call; he caused real harm to this country and put our security at risk.

He must go… for a long stretch.


If Trump prevails, there will, eventually, be no Republic left. And that’s the M.O. of Flynn and people like him:

They use the protections provided by our legal system to ultimately destroy it.

“For the Rest of Your Natural Life” is getting off easy for Flynn.


Wow. Hey Flynn…you committed a crime. SEVERAL crimes. You have lied, cried, whined and sniveled, and then lied again. No. No more delays. You are GUILTY. Period.


Just because someone had a “broken tail light” doesn’t’ mean that the body in the trunk can’t be investigated.

This guy is guilty as f’ck and trying to get off on some (pretty tenuous) technicality seems like bad strategy… i guess when you don’t have the laws or the facts on your site, you scream and pound the table complaining about process. cf: the republicans on the committees trying to derail the impeachment on bogus technicalities.

My only hope is that the legal system holds, and justice is done and he, and the rest of this band of crooked a-holes is jailed.


Don’t be surprised if Flynn ultimately escapes all this trouble with a slap on the wrist. Very minimal time (as in mere weeks), if any, at some white collar resort facility, with release provisions for work. Maybe some community service.


Worked for Bob McDonnell. Proved to be an excellent strategy.


What exactly are they hanging their hats on here? Flynn plead guilty. I guess that they are going to argue that his sentence should be reduced if it turns out the FBI and/or some intelligence officials made some (non-substantive) errors in their investigation that didn’t directly affect Flynn’s charges that he ultimately plead guilty to?


Slippery criminal trying to negotiate justice = arrogant.


Doesn’t every person convicted of a crime hope to negotiate the severity of the punishment? Seeking post conviction relief at sentencing hardly constitutes arrogance. It’s looking after your self interests and those of your family. NOT seeking a favorable sentence would be neglect.


Besides hot-tempered, dishonest, duplicitous, self-serving, and clueless, “arrogant” is not a bad word at all to describe Michael Flynn.


They can always try Flynn on extra charges in other cases from behind bars when more facts of his treachery come out, but since this is Barr’s DoJ now, with the IG report under his purview, all bets are off.

However in the real world on Planet Earth, if a person is charged with stealing and they later are able to tie that thief to the dead body buried in their backyard, they can still try and convict that person in a court of law to another crime and give that person more time in prison, even though he’s already behind bars for theft. So…no need for delay. Sentence the fucker. As far as I’m concerned, Benedict Arnold ain’t got nothin’ on these Flynn-level traitorous acts.


Why hasn’t this traitor been hanged yet?


Flynn’s whole shtick reminds me of a family member who had a drinking problem. Every time he got in trouble with the law, his story was always about how the cops had illegally framed him and taken advantage of him. According to him, he always got pulled over for “bullshit” reasons. None of his arrests ever had anything to do with the fact that he was stone drunk every time he was stopped. We used to joke that surely he was the unluckiest man in Arizona.

Here’s to Mike Flynn - the unluckiest man in the Trump WH.


I think that the odds are precisely zero that anything will be delayed. The Horowitz report is due to be dropped on the 9th, Flynn will be sentenced on the 18th. If there is anything truly significant in the report that would reduce Flynn’s sentence, his lawyers can request permission to file a supplemental sentencing brief.

ETA: I didn’t realize that the motion was supported by the DoJ - so I was dead wrong about the above! :smiley:


Every single person employed in the White House dropped a mirror while running under a ladder chasing a black cat.


Flynn’s sunglasses game pisses me off. You’re 60 and wear suits all the time, you’re not a minor league pitcher or out for a run.

Resume intelligent discussion.


I am beyond tired of this nonsense. Flynn is guilty. He admitted he was guilty. Sentence him. The odds are that Horowitz’ report will have no bearing on what Flynn did. He lied to the FBI. I’m pretty sure there won’t be anything in the report to negate that.

And people wonder why ordinary people have serious doubts about the American criminal justice system. SMDH.