Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Is Another Prong In Agenda-less Republicans’ Faux Outrage Machine

Florida’s GOP-controlled legislature has now passed the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill, as dubbed by critics, after the state Senate approved the measure on Tuesday. The Florida House passed the bill in February.

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How does this not violate the first amendment of the US Constitution? All these states banning all kinds of speech - do they really think this will hold up, or is the plan to have SCOTUS shoot it down and engender even more outrage?


Hey Flor i duh… “Stop with all this anti-gay theater”…


Keeping their supporters stupid and outraged is a full time job for the professional fascists in this country.

And Tennessee Republicans are currently considering a bill that would slap librarians and educators with criminal charges for providing unspecified “pornography and inappropriate content in books.”

They don’t even care if their proposals could pass legal muster (even though they own our corrupted supremes). They just want to be seen as drooling class heroes by their dwindling base so they can keep those gerrymandered seats and the access to $$$ it allows.


… or is the plan to have SCOTUS continue re-writing the Constitution to suit its owners?


Regarding: that could “make students feel discomfort” notion. I remember feeling very uncomfortable reading 1984. Should we ban it. How about any good Stephen King novel? Finnegan’s Wake–that’s a pain to read, does it qualify? I find any book written by conservative talk show hosts really difficult to get through, so I suppose we should ban those. And my ass got sore getting through War and Peace in a weekend, so BAN IT too!


And it is going to increase the group of angry librarians! A group you don’t want to piss off.


Good point. The fascist 6 seem to be all in on that.


I’m sure there are plenty of “tax and business reasons” to prevent it, but wouldn’t it be something if Disney just shut down WDW unless the Governor vetoed this bill and/or the bill is repealed?

Maybe someone could start a GoFundMe to make up for “fire sale” price losses if the entire Gay community sold off their homes and property and just left the state.

This is just so ridiculously disgusting. I know Georgia and Florida and other oppressive states don’t care, but I won’t be visiting or spending any money there.


Imagine if all the gay hairdressers and medical personnel left the state.


Disney Will Apparently Keep Giving Money to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Backers

Nope, that’s not going to happen.


Disney has been supporting the anti-LGBTQ legislators for a while. They apparently don’t care unless it hits them directly in the bottom line.

Amen to that last point.


Alternate Headline: "Cancel Culture Haters Embrace Cancel Culture and Hatred"


It does.
DeSantis and his fascist allies in the FL lege don’t care.


Better redact this from the Old Testament, lest the librarian feel the lash of the law-
Ezekiel 23:20
King James Version- For she doted upon their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses.
There’s a bunch of steamy stuff in Psalms, too, so they’d better get busy.


fueled fears that the legislation would perpetuate homophobic tropes about LGBTQ+ people being child molesters.

Better not talk like that in the presence of a child. Conservatives can commit child abuse too   : - )

DeSantis and his enablers need to feel some pain, somehow, someway.


Yes. The church, with a long and sordid history of graphic child mollestation and coverups, should not be throwing the first stone and accusing others of grooming children.

Of course, this is the state, but still wearing the mantle of Christian nationalism.


You mean along the lines of allowing “community standards” to be the decider? Set up a community commission so that they can create their own Hays Code.

Florida DJ: We just heard “What’s Going On” by Marvin…I don’t think I can say it.