Five More Dems Join Team Pro-Impeachment After Mueller Hearings

Five more Democrats joined the 90 who have already publicly called for an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony.

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There are currently 235 Democrats in the U.S. House. Nancy Pelosi has made it known in private meetings it will take 259 Democrats expressing the desire to impeach Trump before she’s convinced to go forward.


Hope they all have a lovely time on their 6 weeks break, while, we the people will continue to suffer under the current WH. And, I know we will be subjected to countless outrageous nonsense from the occupant.


OK, guess we’re getting close and maybe on break others will have their come to jesus moment and decide to get on board.
Edit. Obviously I didn’t read your post carefully.


Who are the five?? Any that I can contact during the break?


“We have a lot to protect here,” Pelosi told her members behind closed doors after the Mueller hearings. “[Trump] isn’t worth dividing our country.”

I’d like a journalist to press Pelosi as to how she thinks impeachment will divide the nation. I refuse to believe there are actually people undecided about Trump’s fitness for office, or fuzzy as to what kind of person he actually is. One camp adores him, and the other either despises him, or merely wishes he’d go away, preferring not to waste their mental energy on despising him. The middle group, such as it is, certainly can’t be but about 2% of the adult citizenry. Who in the hell are the people Pelosi thinks will be put off by an impeachment, such that their aggravation at doing it pushes them into Trump’s column at worst, or just causes them to stay home in the election and not vote Democrat?

Here, divide the circle below:


Oh, wait, it already is. Nevermind.



We have a lot to protect here

Yes Nancy you DO… and it’s not supposed to be political, you swore an oath to protect the country, and yet your concern is to maintain control of congress… WHAT a sham… it’s time to either do your job (and this job is NOT to protect moderate Democrats).

Yes the Republicans are monolithic structure supporting tRump; they have shown their colors. I am fully in support of Democrats who want to take no prisoners and dismantle the GOP, but you seem to only care about maintaining your position… it’s time to start working for the country, and to trust that enough people will support Democrats because they are doing the RIGHT thing, not the politically expedient thing.


Looked at the Politico article and don’t know why they couldn’t name the five. I’m sure it will come out at some point.


Unfortunately, we will also have to listen to the GOP crowing about exoneration etc

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Um, we already have. And certainly will hear their parroting again.


“We have a lot to protect here,” Pelosi told her members behind closed doors after the Mueller hearings. “[Trump] isn’t worth dividing our country.”

There you have it. Another totally nonsensical excuse.

Trump and the racist Republicans are exonerated. Trump can do anything he wants, and Pelosi is not going to do anything to stop him.

Pelosi only cares about protecting her personal money and power. That is all she is ever interested in protecting.

She is a horrible and thoroughly money-corrupted Democratic Speaker of the House. She is failing the country, the House, democracy, and the Democratic Party.

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yeah, Nancy, it was an authoritarian candidate that didn’t win the popular vote employing an us v. them approach that has the nation divided. we are rallying to re-unite the country. individual-1’s cult members will never be swayed from their unrequited loyalty to comrade don


List of Dems calling for impeachment:…/index.html



Five Democrats publicly endorsed an impeachment inquiry post-Mueller, joining more than 90 lawmakers who had already come out in favor


I don’t know about the “five” in the Politico article.

Here are the four I do know about: Katherine Clark (MA), Lori Trahan (MA), Peter DeFazio (OR), and Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE).


Am I expecting too much by wondering if maybe the other four members that joined the team would be mentioned in the article, rather than having me link to another article outside TPM to get the information??

I don’t know - it would seem if the headline quantifies the change, the detail should be in the article.


One of my biggest hang ups with Nancy Pelosi is that she spends too much time playing defense. Or to use another sports analogy, she is playing “not to lose” instead of playing to win. She demonstrated it in the way she handled the Obamacare vote. Normally when the same party leads House, Senate and WH, legislation should be a slam dunk. But because she allowed a few “blue dog” Democrats to control the narrative, Obamacare barely got passed and the Dems lost both houses in the midterm.

Now she is dragging her heels on impeachment because she “doesn’t want to divide the country”. Sorry, but the country is already divided. It’s only a matter of time until more than half of the Dems in the House will be clamoring for impeachment. Yet she will continue to drag her heels, playing defense, when she allow and trust the people in her party to do their jobs and make the case for impeachment. And if the Senate votes no, so be it; they will have to deal with it in their reelection bids. Trump will do everything in his power to prove that he is wholly unfit for any office-- not even the local school board.

Stop playing defense and rake him over the coals!


Yep, and the referenced article in Politico didn’t name them either. Don’t understand this kind of reporting.


She’s stalling until the election season heats up. At that point she can make the case the party needs to devote all its time and energy to the campaign and the candidates running for offices all over the nation. And she’ll have a point, because impeachment will suck all the oxygen out of the room, and the Dem Prez nominee will have to fight for attention in the din of impeachment hearings. Impeachment isn’t happening, it’s too late in the cycle.

You have a company CEO that’s an incompetent idiot. Firing him could be protracted, litigious, expensive, time consuming and messy. You have an executive board meeting in 6 months, and you strongly suspect a majority of the board will go along with dismissing him, providing a clean break that an immediate dismissal doesn’t allow. Seems the latter course of action has its merits, no?

4 Likes is saying that impeachment is fizzeling due to no avalanche of people communicating to their reps and senators and demanding trump be tossed out on his ear. For me, I see trump as one who has betrayed his country to a hostile foreign power along with the other mountains of impeachable reasons. That many in government, especially the senate, don’t care to impeach this betrayer is an indictment as to their real loyalties. They are letting this criminal destroy all we hold dear. So are those who would vote for trump.


This is the bastard who as a matter of government policy jailed children. I can never forgive that.


I am in Katherine Clark’s district and can confirm that she issued a press release yesterday indicating her support of an impeachment inquiry.

The fifth might be Senator Markey (D-MA) who sent out an email last night.

I think these two are important as they are strong supporters of Pelosi (Clark is I think #4 in D leadership in the House.)

The people who need to be contacted, especially by those in their districts in Massachusetts would be:

Ritchie Neal (most of Western Mass)
Bill Keating (Cape Cod and the South Shore) the more purple district in the state D+4
Stephen Lynch (South Boston, the southern part of Rt.128, Quincy, Brockton)