Finish Line On Bipartisan Bill Comes Into Sight With Reconciliation Struggle Still To Come | Talking Points Memo

With lawmakers looking to attend the funeral of former Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) tomorrow, the end of the amendment process on the bipartisan infrastructure bill is on the horizon. After that, final passage could come next week.

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I may need to avoid articles on the reconciliation bill. Watching “the sausage being made” is not going to be a good thing for my blood pressure, methinks.


I frankly do not understand the “progressive” threat to vote against the bipartisan infrastructure bill if all 50 Democrats do not support the Reconciliation bill. First, that plays right into the hands of the Republicans. Second, the Democratic Party has never been the party of “lock step” - Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in-line. We are a big tent party precisely because we welcome a diversity of ideas. If we insist on ideological purity, we just become a small, weaker version of the Republican Party and the country suffers. The best solution is to elect more Democrats in 2022 so you do not need a 100% voting block to get things done. This relentless whining is only going to make that harder.


First, that’s a mischaracterization. Pelosi is simply not going to bring the non-reconciliation bill up for a vote until the reconciliation one has been passed. Second, this is how sausage gets made. Even republicans understand “I will vote for the things you want if you vote for the things I want.” We saw throughout the Obama administration that “I will vote for the things you want, but you don’t have to vote for the things I want” is a losing strategy.

(Yes, liberals and progressives also want some of the things in the non-reconciliation bill. But not enough to give up all negotiating leverage before debate even begins.)

Oh, and let’s be careful about calling the non-reconciliation version “bipartisan”. It is still opposed by a majority of republican senators, and the minority leader has threatened repeatedly to filibuster it.


I had a career in the movie business, and I always said film is like laws and sausages, it’s best not watched being made.


LOL. I hear you. The process will probably be ugly the outcome good. Pres. Joe Biden knows what he is doing.


I’m glad you’re not setting the agenda, then. To paraphrase a recently departed asshole, “you pass laws with the majority you have, not the one you wish for.”


Another message for GQPers.



FFS, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has five children and nine grand children. Tammy Duckworth had a child within the last 2-3 yrs as a sitting Senator. And the child tax credit is lifting people out of poverty passed by Dems? He is working at being stupid.


Is Chiselin’ Trump still trying to put the kibosh on this bipartisan bill?


It’s absurd. I’m pretty sure Lindsey Graham is childless. Vance wants to make this a thing, for some reason.


It comes easily to him.


Trying to counterbalance any thankfulness for the child tax credit. Faux News is messaging the same shit too. Dems hate your babies and children, have none of their own and did we mention the pizza parlor?


Senator Romney commented recently that he’s seen sausage being made, and watching legislation being made is much worse. The “best” solution to what crewman6 referred to as “the ‘progressive’ threat” is to elect more “Biden Democrats” in 2022, but that will be then, if it happens, and this is now. I’ve been a fairly liberal Democrat for my entire adult life, and I’ve seen may party defeats and many self-inflicted wounds to the party, as well as a few moments of greatness. I think that we Democrats do welcome a diversity of ideas, yet still we have disagreements, and even some unseemly whining, because the leadership calls the shots and not everyone can get what they want for their constituents and their reelection prospects. I’d suggest two things. First, Joe Biden has demonstrated an unexpectedly excellent ability to get things done without losing either end of the caucus on the issue a hand, or burning bridges for the next issue (and there’s always a ‘next’ issue). As rollinnolan observed, “he knows what he’s doing”. Second, a lot of Democrats (and every Republican") like to dump on Speaker Pelosi, but whether you like her or not, she is a master of the House legislative process, a prodigious fundraiser, and she does what she says she’ll do, always. With Biden and Pelosi, we have two “grownups in the room” at all times. The handling of the recent AOC/Squad/Cori-Bush thing is a case in point: Bush and the Squad were able to make their point, a valid point, and Biden gave them what he could. ‘Woulda/shoulda/coulda done it sooner or better’ is the ‘sausage’ part of the process: you get what you get, or you get nothing. And the way it was handled afterward, with the Speaker thanking the president without a word of mention of Bush or AOC or the Squad, sends the message that the progressives made their point, but they’re not running the show. The reconciliation bill will be handled in the same way: by the grownups in the room.


The operative word is not “childless.” It is “ladies.”


Thank you for that and for setting @crewman6 straight.

This has nothing to do with purity. Biden & Co are about to pull off one of the party’s slickest political victories in decades. It is a high wire act but the professionals are in charge! And that’s why we win this and Biden’s popularity climbs above 70%, which he will bring to the battle for voting rights legislation. What’s hard to figure out after years of constant unrelenting abuse is that, FINALLY, good things are really going to happen. No more bunker mentality.


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Amazing that raising the debt ceiling is subject to a potential filibuster. I have little to no faith in Manchin or Sinema (Sinema in particular), but if ever there were a time to blow up the filibuster, the GOP refusing to raise the debt ceiling might be it.


Stupid AF. As an example of a childless Democrat named specifically by Vance, Pete Buttigieg and his husband have been trying for a year to adopt a child. They are in line to adopt an abandoned baby. Typical selfish Democrats with no concern for the future.