Feds Say They've Unraveled A Russian Bot Network

Originally published at: Feds Say They’ve Unraveled A Russian Bot Network - TPM – Talking Points Memo

In early 2022, a senior employee at the Russian state news agency RT pitched his superiors on an idea: could RT create an in-house social media bot farm to reach people outside of its traditional news broadcasts? Per federal court documents released on Tuesday, RT executives said yes. The result was a quixotic attempt involving…

Does the Russian bot have MAGgot connections?

Supermagafragilistic schadenfreudelicious,anyone?


I’m wondering if Gym Jordan will have to do hearings on this ‘investigation.’


I’d expect Trump to tell the FBI to stop this if he gets back in power.


Speaking of Trump’s favorite country…

Vladimir Putin’s troops target a children’s hospital in Ukraine, then accuse Ukraine of destroying it… Vladimir Putin’s government issues an arrest warrant for Navalny’s widow because she favors democracy.

Republicans want a tough guy like him in the White House, except, understand, our tough guy will be tough on our people, on anybody not named Trump.

Frankly I’m not sure that’ll help you much.


You can bet that there are many more tentacles reaching out from Russia over social media and other avenues to try to poison our politics and get Trump elected. Other nations are likely doing this as well, but Russia has an especially important reason to do so, as Trump will walk away from Ukraine and NATO and let Putin have his way with Europe. Xi in China may also be in favor of Trump, as he doesn’t seem to care about Taiwan and may let Xi have at it, as well as take over the South China Sea.

If we elect our own dictator, it’s very likely he’ll be transactional with other dictators, allowing them to do what they want and taking advantage of that in other ways (like the Kushner $2 billion deal with the Saudis). And, it’s likely Trump will freeze out other democracies who try to keep him from undoing the world order holding back the bad actors. It’s just another reason we can’t let him win in November.


The deep state is violatin’ the 2nd amendment free speech rites of the Russian bots! I told you so! I bet the Biden crime fambly is behind it! Pagin’ Jim Jordan!


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what the FBI demolished [was] more of a scattershot approach: creating as many accounts as possible, and then using them to take the propaganda that Russia trains on its own citizens abroad.

Russia uses government propaganda on its own people.

Is that really why our Founders came to America – to copy Russian propaganda techniques under the guise of a free press?


They shut down Fox “News?”


That’s funny. No wonder I was the first commenter here.

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It would be lovely if the Biden admin were starting to roll up parts of the Trump-Putin network, as a signal to Trump (and his thuggish patron) that it’s time to pay the piper.

A guy can hope.


According to the illegitimate Suborned Court, the founders also came here to murder each other with machine guns and make each other pay for their childrens’ round-the-clock religious indoctrination, while bowing to an awkwardly defined king.


I just started imagining an organized Russian effort to freep the polls.

Man, the rights/oligarchs efforts to gut education in this country sure has “paid off.”




Meanwhile, Russia and Putin blew up a children’s hospital in Kyiv…and Mango can’t wait to suck him off and give him Ukraine in exchange for Trump Tower Moscow and the Kompromat being destroyed.

Laurie Garrett



Jul 8

This isn’t just a hospital – it is the premier, Number One cancer treatment center for children from all over eastern and cntral Europe, avergaing 600 kids daily in treatment. #Russia knew what it was targeting in #Ukraine – this wasn’t an accident.


Now I know how the 1848 revolutionaries felt about the Holy Alliance.


For fucking real…

John Fugelsang




C’mon, America. Do you really want this to be the year that France kept out the authoritarians better than us?


Remember Don Jr telling anybody who would listen that it was all about Russian orphans?
I’m surprised the legacy media hasn’t followed up on that heartwarming story.