Fauci Hopes Trump Steps In To Combat ‘Disturbing’ Vaccine Hesitancy Among Supporters | Talking Points Memo

Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House chief medical adviser, on Sunday said that he finds a large number of vaccine hesitancy among supporters of former President Trump to be “disturbing” and hopes that the former president will encourage his supporters to get inoculated against COVID-19.

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And I hope that the MegaMillions ticket that I am going to run out and buy right now gets me a billion dollars, since we are hoping for unlikely things.


I am unaware of trump ever thinking of someone else’s welfare before his own. So, for trump to advocate for a vaccine there must always be a money angle he can grift off.
And to be transparent here of my bias… to me trump is the most vile, pompous, vain, and assholish person yet alive. I hope I have made myself clear. And I hope this will be the one time today I see trump’s ugly visage or read a story about him.


It’s simple: morBotus won’t do anything unless he gets a kickback. So set it up that a fifty dollar donation to morBotusPAC gets you put on a vaccine priority list and he gets the money when the rube gets vaccinated. The “vaccine priority list” is of course the same state list as everyone else, but don’t tell the rubes that. Then stiff him on the transfer of the rubes’ money.


Easy peasy Doc. All ya gots to do is tell 'em that those people are going to get free vaccine all y’all paid for with your taxes if you don’t take it first.


Dr Fauci is correct, but he assumes that Trump actually cares about his supporters, instead of just viewing them as sheep to be sheared, rubes to be fleeced, fools who keep giving him money even though he’s actually done nothing for them but lie and gaslight.

And now Trump’s holed up in his private golf club, vowing revenge and hating on his so-called “supporters” who first, didn’t vote for him in sufficient numbers, and next, failed to overthrow the election by attacking Congress. Why would he try to help those losers?


And why wasn’t Trump’s vaccination shown publicly?

Because the big coward didn’t want his adoring fans hear him ask how much it was going to hurt or see him make that terrified face as the needle was about to go in.


This is a clever way of highlighting the fact that Trump got the vaccine without ever admitting to it, something a large portion of his base probably don’t know. That’s the subtext to what Fauci said, and the media will be forced to cover it now in more depth.

ETA: Oh, yes. And Fauci is now ubiquitous on television while the former guy is fading away.


It is another wedge issue used by the childness of the GOP. There are no adults. We cannot expect them to act like adults. The press would be better off asking teenagers about public policies than the GOP.


Dead men don’t donate? Though I wonder if he’s gotten the marks to put him in their wills, like the NRA does. That would be one hell of a vaccine perverse incentive.


And here I thought there was absolutely nothing good about racism…


That’s one flabby arm.


“Bingo wings?!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :mask:


Tramp wants to take the credit for the vaccines but Middle Eastern immigrants headed up both the BioNTech and Moderna teams.
History should remember just that.


I don’t like needles stuck in me And my arm was a tad sore the day after but sheesh. I would not have held a secret. To donnie having to get vaccinated is a sign of weakness. He’s supposed to be immune, the healthiest man ever on planet earth. That’s what his primary care doc wrote in 2015 about him (obviously dictated be trump). So a vaccine to prevent a disease must therefore be a sign of weakness to his royal majesty.


Trump’s too busy taking charity donations from a “dog rescue,” along with his daughter-in-law. We know how much he loves dogs.


Not in the US it won’t.


Darwinism at work.


OT: Yes! “Fuck off, traitors” is the unofficial official policy of many House Democrats, as it should be. Actions have consequences, right?


Fauci is actually a very clever concern troll.