Ex-Ohio Gov. Kasich Expected To Speak At Democratic Convention | Talking Points Memo

In the four months since Joe Biden effectively won the Democratic presidential nomination, he has focused on consolidating the party’s divergent and often warring factions. As the closing stretch of the campaign nears, that effort will expand to include Republicans disaffected with President Donald Trump.

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Personally, I am not impressed.


Who Cares… unless he is resigning from the GOP he is likely just auditioning for a Biden appointment, since it is still not apparent that Joe understands that there can be NO members of the GOP in his administration.


This guy is not your friend. He needs to pay some dues first.


Whatever encourages more people to vote Dem and fewer to vote GOP, I’m for. It’s not like there’s likely to be a terrible quid pro quo attached to this (although I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a cabinet appointment as one of Biden’s token Repubs). Clearly, Biden knows how to horse trade and get things done politically, which is what this is about. Kasich isn’t just volunteering to help Trump.

Also, this is precisely the sort of concern trolling I can’t stand:

And in crucial battleground states such as Florida, some Democrats are concerned that Biden’s current standing could be a high-water mark. Some polls suggest Biden’s strength comes more from voters’ displeasure with Trump than excitement over Biden, whose regular gaffes, long Washington record and recent attempts to appease progressives leave him in a tougher spot than some Democrats would like to believe.

It’s not helpful or reality-based and Dems have to stop worrying about seeming too liberal. Dems win when they’re liberal, not when they’re GOP Lite. Period. End of discussion.


Until he switches parties, I’ll continue to remember Governor Kasich for his finest contribution as a Presidential candidate: Overeating pasta at an Italian restaurant and needing help getting out the door due to acute food-coma and meat-sweats.

I can relate to that.


After watching current Ohio Governor squirm like a worm on Press the Meat yesterday trying to avoid criticizing the Orange Menace, I think Kasich deserves a small tad of credit for speaking up. If nothing else, it will serve to set Donnie off on yet another rant.


Forget it, Jake. It’s AP.


Yes. Thank you. It’s why they’re so often labeled spineless, and accurately so.




I think this is much more of the media creating that meme than reality. Watch and see how people like Chuck Todd will now turn this around and say “There are murmurs of concern within the Democratic party…”


This is fine, but it would be better if it creates the opportunity for other Repubs of some stature to speak and they all flipped parties. How can Kasich still call himself a Republican when it is really the Trump party?


Gee, I’m thrilled. I haven’t been this excited since they announced the 4K Blu-ray release of the 18-hour director’s cut of “Atlas Shrugged”. Is Joe Lieberman going to be there, too? Hey, maybe they can dig up Zell Miller and prop him up besides Kasich so the audience can guess which one is a real Democrat and which one is really alive. Trick Question! The answer to both questions is “Neither”.

And I am sure I am going to hear from the usual suspects saying how wonderful it is that Kasich has come around and he deserves props for being oh so brave. So here’s my response: fuck John Kasich, who is about as moderate as Cheney and Trump.


Agreed. I’ll have more trust and respect for Rethugs when they speak out WHILE they’re in elected office, and not just auditioning for another job.


Oh Lord, no. Not you too with the gratuitous blanket labelling.:man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

ETA: Kasich and his ilk should be ignored until we hear what substantial things they actually have to say about Trump’s malfeasance.


Sorry, no.

Fuck Kasich.

So what, he can use this as a feather in his cap as bipartisan when he runs against Sherrod Brown?

No. Fuck Kasich.

If he wants to leave the Republican party officially, ok.

Otherwise, Fuck Kasich.

ETA: also Fuck Kasich.


We have enough actual Democrats and progressives, not sure why we’re giving out valuable time to the enemy.

We’re in WWII, and they’re the Soviet Union.

We might be allies for a time to deal with the little Hitler problem, but we’re certainly not buddies.


Still a Republican, I see.

Fuck him.

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I don’t see this convincing any “moderate” Republicans to vote for Biden who didn’t already plan to do so. I do see it pissing off the more left wing of the party.

Reaching out to the Republicans gets you kicked in the nuts. Once would think Biden would remember that.


Yes. The point is that the guy is actually showing up. At the DNC. When was the last time something like that has happened? Take it for what it is, and save the cynicism till after the election.

ETD: As @HBryan has points out below, there is a precedent for this, which I had forgotten about: Joe Lieberman did the same in 2008 on behalf of McCain.