DOJ Accuses Bannon Of Trying To Whip Up Media Circus Over Case

The Justice Department called out former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Sunday after the ex-Trump official requested the court lift the government’s protective order on the discovery material in his criminal contempt case and allow the documents to be made public.

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I made a similar post recently, but I think we are now witnessing the ascendance of ‘bad faith’ actors. Of course, bad faith actors have always been with us, but 3 things have changed: 1. SNS platforms that give them instantaneous and cheap publicity; 2. Legitimization from respected, prominent figures in politics and the media; 3. The realization (as many commenters have pointed out…) that they are likely to face no negative consequences for their actions.


If Bannon were half as smart as he thinks he is, he wouldn’t have needed a pardon.


Not sure I get why the Government would want to keep the documentation… whip up a media circus indeed.


Hey, Stevie, eat shit and die…

On to more important news:


He seems nice.


Steve Bannon: Looks like a bum. Is a bum.


Unpopular opinion: Discovery materials should be publicly disclosable except upon court order after a showing of cause specific to particular documents.


Republican actors no longer fear what the DOJ can and should do to them for their despicable behavior. Our country is fast abandoning the law for the press release.

And why not, conservative media has already convinced people at risk not to vaccinate themselves from a deadly virus in a show of contempt for the rest of society. The podcast must truly have greater power than the toothless government.


I was thinking the same thing. The alternative is secret prosecutions.


Yeah, I like the current default of toothpaste inside the tube.


Would anyone have expected less of this guy?

They never should’ve delayed his hearing and gotten him out of the public eye as fast as possible.


The less unnecessary attention shown to Bannon the better. Judge his value by what he can be successfully compelled to offer, juxtaposed with other individuals.


— alongside a public statement to the Washington Post urging the public to “make their own independent judgment” as to whether the DOJ “is committed to a just result based upon all the facts” — as a vessel to complain about the case.

Well fuck that! The legal record will be compiled in open court during a judicial process called a trial. THAT is the ONLY record that is relevant for public consideration. The rest is just Bannon fascist arble-garble.


I mean, this is Steve Bannon we’re talking about here. His whole schtick is turning the government and legal institutions our founders built into a circus. They should ask for a gag order if they want to prevent that.


If you think that’s true of Bannon I’d suggest you take a minute and review his biography. It’s not really a history of unalloyed success. He’s a grandiose overage adolescent with evidently no understanding of the history he dabbles in and a broad, deep, and free-floating mindless antagonism. I wouldn’t want to be him.

Bit sweeping maybe. He defied a subpoena and was rightly charged for doing it. They’re doing everything they can. How you get from that to “abandoning the rule of law” puzzles me. Maybe we could go easy on the sweeping denunciations all the time? It’s like about a third of the commenters here are becoming that stock character in New Yorker cartoons, the bearded loony who walks the streets with a sign that says “The End Is Nigh!”


I often wish we had a British system of reporting on the courts; not a word until the verdict is reached or the trial is ended. There is no “public interest” in what goes on in a courtroom. It needs to be a decision reached by a jury (or a judge) in private.


Well said. Well, minus the shouting, but I feel ya!


Again, I am struck by the utility of the con game that forced its Way into our Public Life starting with the 2015 Escalator Ride.

This game is dependent on ignorance, vitriol and stubbornness and I feel for the marks they are able to grab and corrupt.


Where is the thumbs-down button. The DoJ filing reveals some relevant facts not reported. The PO covers only information designated Sensitive, which consists of Grand Jury materials and Witness Statements. Of course this material is protected. But it is available to Bannon himself and his counsel even under the PO. And DoJ inexplicably provided these materials to Bannon eventhough he has not agreed to the PO, apparently presuming he would agree to it. Doesn’t anybody know how to play this game?

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