Docs Show DNC Involvement With Iowa App | Talking Points Memo

Documents exchanged between the Democratic National Committee and the developer of the app that caused disarray during the Iowa caucuses last week details the involvement that national party officials had over the app’s development.

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Of course the DNC would have been involved. Is it a surprise to anyone that the group paying for the damn thing…whether it works or not…is involved at some stage of design and development?! The failure of this app is most likely a failure in the development/testing cycle…if 40 years working in IT taught me anything at all. Sheesh…


And? So?


Um, so what? C’mon, TPM, stop with the Sanders-esque conspiracy-theory-sounding headlines. You’re better than that . . . aren’t you?


Just. Go. Away.

And DNC, I expect some basic competence and common sense from you. This is not monday morning quarterbacking; any software professional would have told you your schedule’s chance of success was about the same as threading a needle on the first try while riding a galloping horse blindfolded.


Yes, that’s hardly surprising.

Like you (and every other sentient being), I’m more interested in how (or if) the app was tested.


Makes it a lie that the stuff is only run by states.


“Lie” is such a strong word … !


Yeah what’s the purpose of this anyway?


Some would say that the DNC was involved with the Democratic Party…Some would say


“…the app that caused disarray during the Iowa caucuses last week …”


“…an unaffiliated Democratic operative in Iowa…”


“…questions have been raised about ties the organization has with top Democrats…”



My first guess was that the app was tested for functionality but not stress tested under expected loads. Now I’m not so sure–the whole thing smells of amateurism.


I didn’t think you were that new here.

Typical management: So you’re saying there’s a chance? Excellent! Besides, I’ll have moved on by the time this thing crashes and burns.

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Initially, it was my understanding that the Iowa Democratic Committee were the ones to broker the deal for this app since they operated a caucus and not the regular primary that used voting booths. They planned to use phones to report the results.

Now, it has been shown to have had the blessing of the DNC. From the reading, it seems like the DNC just wanted to make sure they had their fingers in the pie and access if they wanted it.

I can imagine DNC just giving their approval with no actual follow up or oversight. They assumed that the Iowa folks were handling the implementation. If it worked well, they could use it for other caucus states. We all know how that turned out.

Without more information, this is speculation on my part (which is typical for me :smirk:.)


Looks pretty standard and boilerplatey to me, an actual attorney. Is TPM now trying to feed Bernie’s idiot supporters’ delusional conspiracy crap and his refusal to let go of not being declared the winner in Iowa?


It’s always something. I am so done with Iowa. Can we have some reporting on Nevada and South Carolina?


There can be but one…


Not really. And why wouldn’t the DNC get involved n a massive risk taking move like this? This entire narrative is nonsense and it’s really starting to seem like the MSM is trying to encourage the Dems/liberals to factionalize as much as possible.


This story is like revisiting some of the stories from the Bush 43 years involving the intersection of greed, crony capitalism, and incompetence. Operative from Priorities USA losses the election and then fails upwards and starts a self enrichment project. Bullshits their way into getting rich off Dem donors by “disrupting” political campaigning. Ultimately turns out to be totally incompetent, but now is much more wealthy.

Seriously, if you don’t understand the existence of liberals who do not trust the established Democratic party, don’t want to support candidates like Clinton or Biden or Bloomberg or whatever version of pro-corporation R-lite moderates want to get behind, look no further. I voted for Clinton and understand just how unfair all the hatred of her is, but the fact is she and her campaign are still actively harming the Ds chances of winning.