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Grenell also said Steinhauer “consecutively” mocked Bolton’s mustache

You mean there are people who don’t?


I nearly fell asleep after the first paragraph… this is a story?


I guess it’s an illustration of right wing flack factor in process ~ assuming Bolton’s guy is truly afraid of the damage the story could do, he just throws a shit fit, invokes the whole “liberal media” canard, and then tries to work the ref (NYT). Not so much a story as a demonstration of the right wing “game”


Apparently Bolton and the NeoCons are having some trouble getting favorable press which has prompted conservative operatives like Grenell to work the refs by publicly dissing Steinhauer. This story will teach them to be “FAIR” to the NeoCon wunderkin.

In this case “FAIR” is a defined term meaning publish anything NeoCons want without comment.


As an occasional media consultant myself I would suggest that for some people the way to get more favorable coverage is simple: Be less awful.


This story is a classic example of what’s wrong with contemporary American journalism: a TPM journalist writing about a NY Times journalist who is trying to covering a former Bush administration official and throw in some people from the Daily Caller and tweets.

Yes, post-journalislm, where journalism is about journalists and the process of journalism rather than reporting the news.


So Grenell thinks there are “real journalists” at the Daily Caller? It is to laugh.


I agree for the most part with what you’re saying, about the news as news trends, but I think the article has merit as far as showing how republican flacks and operatives game the media. There was already a story on TPM today about the Muslim law student fiasco on hannity. It’s worth repeating now and again the right wing’s complete intellectual and journalistic dishonesty. Standards and expectation need sometimes need to be clarified and re-established…


It strikes me yet again how the corporate media and the U.S. public spend so much time and mindshare on people that have been proven by history to not know what they are talking about. Bolton is an angry old man that wants everyone off “his” lawn and that’s about it. Why don’t we start to spend some time listening to people who aren’t always proven wrong? Maybe we’ll actually get somewhere.


A ninny with a spokesperson is almost as ridiculous as Bolton’s moustache but, then, I’ve never observed the Neocon in his assless chaps…

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Actually, the opposite of everything they told the American people has come to pass.

The up is down crowd has < 0 credibility and pathetically bad character.


This article is so disturbing - on many levels. Of note:

That Steinberger spent weeks trying to land an interview with John Bolton. John Bolton. WHY???

That she had to go through Grenell to reach him. Yet Grenell says he’s not Bolton’s spokesperson. So why didn’t he just tell Steinbrenner he can’t arrange that and be done with it? Why go round and round in emails?

That she had to have her credibility vouched for by a Republican lawmaker. What, exactly, would that entail? Saying she took a blood oath and completed the 12 step plan and is therefore not part of the “liberal” media?

That this guy got into a snit that she made reference to Bolton’s mustache but was fine with her having to prove her creditials by having a Republican lawmaker email him.

That neither would release emails proving their version of the exchange. At this point, I’m concluding there is truth to both their stories and as far as I’m concerned it’s a wash.


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She went too far out of her way to solicit a worthless opinion. With a track record like Bolton’s, nobody should care what he thinks about any subject.


I’ve given my side to a real journalist

Jeff Gannon/Guckert. no doubt. Or maybe Les Nessman?

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“Stand By Your John Bolton Reporting”

“Weird” Al Yankovic’s least successful song parody.


You missed the #1 most ridiculous part - Grenell considers Patrick Howley a “real journalist”.


YeaHh, I didn’t even really take that part seriously.
But I concur, point taken :slight_smile:

Bolton wanted a “Republican Lawmaker” to send the email for one reason and one reason only: BILLABLE HOURS.
If a Republican Lawmaker sends him an email, he can BILL HIS LOBBYING COMPANY for his time spent on everything to do with it.
Simple Greed. Nothing more.


Oh the humanity!!! LMAO