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Once again asshole, most people that come to the US that would do this country harm come by way of most other countries, not located in what is commonly referred to as the Middle East. Nativist Dumbshit.

Btw, Israel is located in the Middle East. Are you going to make an exception for them so as not to piss off your Evangelical base? Something tells me he hasn’t thought this whole thing through very well.


Now is this the Jr. Senator’s idea or is he copying form another’s homework?


“We have to have a pause”, “we have to push pause” and “Before we make the haystack bigger” don’t add up to a coherent argument.

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can we hit the pause button on ignorant statements by Senators from Kentucky in general?


“As Paul struggles to break through in a crowed Republican primary field,”

You misspelled “crude”.

Instead of that, how about we just swap one for one: for each Syrian refugee we accept, we send over one Republican bigot.

“We have 150,000 students here from the Middle East.”

“before we admit millions of new people into this country”

Let’s hit the “pause button” before we get to billions.

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Even though a lot if not most of these mass murderers are US citizens?

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That babble sounds good to him. That’s all you need to know about this fool.

The United States, in one picture:

By ‘KILL US’ he really means ‘KILL HIM.’

Including one of this last pair…

Oh OK…how about those pesky H-1b VISA holders? K-1’s? You ‘OK’ with not letting those enter? Oh yeah…I know it’s ‘hard’ but maybe you should do a little research before you shoot off your mouth?

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Remember how Paul ran from his hamburger?


He just had never eaten burger WITH cantaloupe before —

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You are terrified that these people may treat you exactly like you want to treat them.

Also, we don’t live in a haystack.

Keep in mind that several of the countries on Rand’s list are US allies, and one of them – Turkey – is a member of NATO.

Now that Rand has called for the US to leave the UN, wants the US to abandoned our allies around the world, and now wants to ban visitors from majority-Muslim nations, Rand can stop crying “foul!” when he is rightly described as an isolationist.