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And we all know how correct Kevin McCarthy has been over the years or should I say not-ready-for-prime-time “Speaker” McCarthy. That dude can’t even count correctly.

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So I guess his “time out” is over?

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The way he puts out sentence-like phrases, he needs to be checked out for defects in the cognitive and speech areas of his brain. He speaks the way long-time professional boxers and many retired NFL players speak.

Oop, now that I look again at the puffed-up face, it COULD also be the booze. Someone should tell him there’s strategies for that, like slowing down his rate of speech, and breaking down frequently into spontaneous crying; some folk find that pathetic, but pathos sells!

(Still doesn’t address the face puffiness and blanching - but there’s lots of OTC skin “care” products that can address that.)


What Kevin left out is that the GOP needs the holiday shutdown to happen so that voters in Dem-held seats will recognize their sins and repent by only voting for GOTP candidates in the future :hankey:

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OK - so they won’t force a government shutdown due to PP funding but they will force a shutdown due to the refugee crisis.

Because it’s ALWAYS some reason for these sh*theads.


Let’s look at the project plan:

  1. Whip up a frenzy over deceptive anti-PP videos.
  2. Watch some nutter inspired by the videos kill people.
  3. Shutdown because videos.


Might as well shut down the government until Eric Rudolph is released from prison.

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Among the biggest breaks for businesses are … several provisions that allow businesses to write off capital investments more quickly.

Not just “more quickly” - prescriptively!

The provision allows business to PROJECT losses - including on internal forecasts concerning possible changes in consumer preferences, possible new or amended federal & state legislation, tax rates, impacts of possible Fed rate increases as a function of corporate borrowing potential, as well as the company’s own plans, even POSSIBLE ones, for expansion, down-sizing, take-over or amalgamation, without penalty or recourse should those plans, or POSSIBLE plans, turn out unrealized, even wildly so.

The last is being sold on the basis of improving the basis for short-term capital hoarding to encourage expansion (Job creation!).
But what it DOES is provide a wide scheme for unfettered discretion by a given company’s senior management in distributing retained profits to senior board and executive members, shareholders, and debt-holders, on a PREFERENTIAL basis, all without meaningful consequences. A company could choose to distribute so much of its capital assets on a preferential basis ‘forces’ it into bankruptcy as early as the next reporting period, without the INS or any aggrieved interested parties, including employees, unionized or not, having any recourse.

It’s an open invitation for corporate leaders to create some fictional future that ‘might’, no matte how implausibly, actually happen (ISIS ATTACK! #BLM PROTESTS! LONE GUNMAN TAKEOVER! SPACE INVADERS! SUN EXPLODES!) AND somehow might justify their looting and otherwise trashing the company NOW - then start up a ‘new’ venture that does the exact same thing, but because it’s ‘new’, now can take advantage of tax relief, grants and government subsidies all aimed at capitalization of ‘new business ventures’.

Think of it as scored for musical accompaniment by the Steve Miller Band - the 'we give and they TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN to the Caymans provision.

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NO GOING TO SHUT DOWN THE GOV , over Planned Parenthood…O K, what’s the 'CATCH? This is a TRICK.

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But he makes a great deli sandwich…