What doesn’t?


Rick Wilson, who has helped a new Rubio-supporting super PAC "Baby Got PAC"

I’d pay good money to see what their fundraisers are like. If there’s not Florida retirees bopping along to Sir Mix-A-Lot while eating chicken on a stick I’ll be very disappointed.


Damn. Establishment GOPers want to go back to the dog-whistling, thinking Trump’s clear statements are alienating voters. Apparently the GOP thinks Latinos and Muslims are pretty fucking stupid.


Trump’s continual calls to build a border wall, as well as his most recent call that U.S. Muslims should be put into a database, are eroding the party’s efforts to appeal to minority voters who will be key for the party in a general election.

This grammar I am seeing implies that there ARE efforts being made.


TRUMP WOULD STOP A SEWER, HE’s GUTLESS and an eight time draft Dodger11111111


Take a bow, Republicans.

You fought for unlimited money in elections, since money = free speech.

You mocked community organizers and yearned for a businessman who would run government like a business.

You detest civility and “political correctness” in favor of crudely and obnoxiously “telling it like it is.”

You reject the spirit of compromise in favor of misleading attack ads and the politics of personal destruction.

You want a president you can have a beer with, and who doesn’t talk like he’s smarter than you.

You attack public education, teacher’s unions, the arts and humanities, academics and the “cultural elites” in favor of dumbed-down and simplistic “common sense.”

You attack mainstream media and public broadcasting in favor of ratings-driven hate radio shock jocks and Fox News.

You reject cultural and ethnic diversity in favor of “real Americans.” and demonize immigrants as violent disease-infected marauders who steal jobs from Americans.

You celebrate intolerance, bigotry and hatred as “religious freedom” and “traditional family values.”

You elect clueless, unaccountable anti-government motormouths with no loyalty to their constituents in a misguided effort to rein in the “government overreach” of “career politicians.”

With each new iteration and election cycle you have managed to further coarsen and debase the level of civic discourse and political participation.

Having made “liberal” a slur, you now have made “moderate” an epithet worthy of derision.

And now, as your party leaders cringe powerlessly, you cheer on the unprecedented spectacle of a yahoo and vulgarian, a cartoonish reality TV “boss” with national name recognition, notoriety and multi-billions at his disposal making a mockery of not only your primaries but our country’s entire electoral process.

Congratulations, Republicans, on the fulfillment and culmination of your efforts.

At long last, take a bow.


“[A] team of establishment Republicans is hatching plans for a ‘guerrilla’ offensive against Trump.”

They were happy to turn the “Party of Lincoln” into the “Party of that ‘Hey, Vern’ guy” to elect Reagan.

They birthed Rosemary’s Baby, suckled it on CBN and Fox, and dog-whistled it to sleep at night for 35 years.

Now they’re having second thoughts….


Sow, reap. Reap, sow. The GOP created this and now they are trying to stop it.


A clever trap for Trump is set and…


Ahh-full blown republi-con civil war! Love it-grab your popcorn!


The warm-up music will be “Do the Hokey Pokey”


And I hope it costs them a FORTUNE!



…the party’s efforts to appeal to minority voters…

Yeah, lots of luck with that. Left it a bit late, haven’t you?


You have outdone yourself, my friend. Take a bow.

Land sakes…its Olbermann-esque, but much much better,

Much Better


Oh media, it is cute how you believe what operatives tell you.


Republicans reaping what they sow.


Yeah, “loosely organized and highly confidential”. What a crowd, “a team of establishment Republicans is hatching plans for a “guerrilla” offensive against Trump”. Hopefully Gordon Liddy heading it up, camouflage outfits and all.


A serious question: Is it possible that Trump is completely not serious about the election and also completely dedicated to making a mockery of the process to the point where he continues to deliberately get more and more outrageous? He likes the attention, but doesn’t REALLY want to be President, so he gets more extreme, because he’s still “winning”???

No serious American can advocate for the closure of places of worship and a database of a specific group or groups,can they? Have we really learned absolutely nothing from WWII internment and McCarthy Lists? Have we really, as a nation, fallen so far backward?



We are in crazy times when being transparently fascist isn’t just outright disqualifying. This isn’t a left/right conservative/liberal partisan issue. It’s crazy vs. sane and American vs. totally un-American. How does this not wake people on the right up to how far they’ve gone?

I’m just ranting, but wtf? If you call yourself a Republican and your primary concern right now isn’t purging the crazies and open fascists from your party, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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