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Honestly I’m surprised it took them this long.


Naturally the moderators let him get away with that vile implication.

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I bet most of 'em have no idea who Vince Foster was.
And coming from Huckabee it’s an insulting comment.


When did Huckabee beat either Clinton in anything?

Huckabee only ran for Gov. after Bill Clinton was elected President.


One would think that a Shiite Baptist minister would know the one about “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”


Too bad the person who ran into the guy you released from prison didn’t “live to tell about it.”


That made me laugh outloud

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Oh! very nicely done there!!


Those pesky facts again

I have to admit I missed all but the last 10 mins. I shudder to think of the slope of bullshit mountain the rest must have been.

You didn’t miss much. I could only tolerate it in small doses.

huckabee is a loathsome, horrible man. his comments were hateful lies that were barely challenged.

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Huckleberry beat the Clintons? When was that? Why did nobody ask “When?”

If you follow Bill Clinton as state governor and proceed to completely dismantle everything he did & toadily fk up the state so it’s only suited to house Duggars, THAT qualifies as victory.

Everything he says, everything he’s done, everything we know about him makes it clear that Huck is nothing but a monster - yet, there he is, standing on the stage, telling lies & grifting constantly.


These folks are vile enough to have Vince Foster’s body exhumed and dragged around the stage.

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He lived to talk about it but an innocent woman in Missouri didn’t. He’s never fought the Clinton’s. he’s never ran against them or debated them. He’s only run his mouth about them. Fought and fight are words. They have a definition. Huckabee has ( by definition ) never fought anything.


Also, this one time he saved a unicorn princess from the tentacles of the Demon King, whom he slew with nothing more than the magical hair on his manly chest. Plus his pecker is hyoooooooooge.

…Oh, wait, these must be Trump’s notes. …No, no, they’re Huckabee’s.

Huckabee also pushed a diet scam as a diabetic, lost a ton of weight then gained it all back and lived to be strangely silent on the subject since then.

Huckabeen declared he’s in training for Nathan’s 4th of July contest.

“I’m going to go on a diet, but I’m eating a sack of Krispy Kremes before I do.”

And he asked us to ask his wife about his many weaknesses. Janet H. said, “He has many weaknesses,
but he just can’t say no when it comes to the Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled. He can chow down a dozen before you can say Wayne Dumond!”