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Well it was Back to the Future Day yesterday, so of course the arguments are coming from long-debunked nonsense from 2012.


It’s curious that the origin, development and distribution history surrounding this video in question has not been thoroughly investigated by this committee.


It was not a terrorist act as you said, Hillary- IT WAS AN ACT OF TERRORISM! IMPEACH


That’s what happens when you live in the fortress that is the right wing echo chamber. No facts can get in and no absurd conspiracy theory can be discarded.

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The Democratic Party should sue the Republican Party to get them to pay for this political circus.

It’s amazing that the images that spew forth from the mouths of denizens of the right-wing echo chamber are so far out of line with the reality most of us experience on a daily basis. They really have built themselves an alternative universe where every liberal is an conniving evil doer and every conservative is a bastion of morality. This is not an accident. It is a consequence of a deliberate initiative to create alternative, politically skewed information sources for a large subset of the population, originally driven by the far right’s perception that reporters in the mainstream had a far-left bias because they kept reporting facts.


Keeping their heads wrapped around this fantasy Benghazi fiction must be exhausting. Is there a special derp diet these folks are on that keeps them going? I’d like to know what it is… But please don’t offer me any.

Master Yoda weighs in on Benghazi hearing:

An excellent example of Poe’s Law.

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Because. It’s. ALL. THEY. HAVE.

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Reminds me of what Rumsfeld said on Sept 12, 2001: “Sweep it all up. Things relevant and not.”

They don’t investigate their own, silly!