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The Great Divide:
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Trump, The Juggs interview…



The spokesman saying all the things permissible by law that his Base would wish to say.

To date, things like Child Labour for kids under 10 or slavery or women not being allowed to vote or roundup and ejection of all Latinos are (so far) off the table.

But we still have time.

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No wonder he’s doing so well with the majority Republican voter!


For once, I gotta agree with the Donald.


Remembering when PlayGirl came out with the fold-out…

Son , then 8 years old, said when he saw it exclaimed,

"That guy’s pecker’s hanging out and he’s SMILING about it…!’

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Donald Trump: friend to (naked) women.

The rest of you average women, get lost!

I wonder if he realizes that when they do one of these interviews, the interviewer is NOT a nude bunny?


Sometimes I think Trump is doing everything he can to reduce his standings in the polls. Constantly making outrageous statements that he expects will negatively impact his popularity because they are, he thinks, so outrageously stupid and obviously non-presidential.

The problem is that his support is coming from that fringe of the public that always believes the worst of every one besides themselves. Trump’s statements feeds that very anger that thinks a candidate with good sound bites is better than any candidate with any level of substance. As a matter of fact, criticizing competence is exactly what the fringe believes is the ultimate qualification.

I’m afraid, Donald, this latest attempt to make yourself look totally sleazy will only embolden you to that fringe.

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That’s OK, Don, if you ever do another Playboy interview, there will be at least one boob in the issue.


Trump envies Hef’s hair…surprised the media still hasn’t mentioned SPY magazine coverage of Donald’s then ground(scalp)-breaking hair plugs.

So does this mean he will appear on Fox News if Megyn Kelly goes topless?


Does anybody buy porn-in-print anymore?


Geez, that divide is Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

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Will that be before of after the Hustler interview?

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Donald’s been angry with Flynt since ‘Beaver Hunt’ ceased publication…


Trump should create his own Playboy magazine. It would be better than the current one, of course; in fact, it would be the best possible Playboy, because Donald.

He can get started on it right after he finishes that wall on the Mexican border…

That’s what makes this whole phenomenon so astounding. This is the kind of person most decent people feel an instinctive revulsion toward because of his essential ideal-free vulgarity. His whole universe is nothing but a bathroom wall writ large where he chronicles his sad, small, nasty little desires. He’s a POW-disparaging, daughter-lusting disgrace and a stain on any aspiration the human race might have. And he’s the frontrunner for a major national party in the leading Western nation. Amazing.


Trump says something, TPM publishes “something”. The kind of coverage you deserve.