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He was waiting 10 min to get that out…


And I’d say that was the final hammer of the final nail in his campaign coffin. He did not do well and I’m guessing he won’t be in the race much longer.


Carly Fiorina once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.


Compare that to Donald Trump, who would have said…Rosie O’Donnell.


Well, he came across as what he is…a republican. And a bit of whiny one at that.

My guess is both him and Chaffee are gone by the next debate. Which I am fine with. It IS a Democratic debate after all, and both have spent the majority of their political lives with a big ugly R next to their names.


I thought it was just creepy, to be honest.

But I think overall he crashed and burned in the first “10 minutes” anyway.


I thought his doing this was lame and truly stupid.

While I have not seen the entire debate (waiting for the re-broadcast) from what I saw, I can’t see how Josh thinks Webb helped himself in this debate at all. He thinks Webb might pick up a point or two and from the part I saw, I just don’t see how.



He is running for Hillary’s VP. Just watch.

Agreed. That was a bit of it too. I found it felt uncomfortable and thought it was a really bad moment for him. That he thought it was some alpha-male “ooh rah” moment was really messed up IMHO.


He was definitely the worst of the five. He complained too much about not getting enough time to talk. While he may have been right, it didn’t look good for a Presidential candidate since he just wasted the time he did get with the complaints instead of putting himself forward. He was just totally lackluster and way too far to the right on many issues. I can’t see him gaining anything from the debate tonight.


A Vietnam vet myself I cringed when Webb invoked this into the debate, it had no place there.

What some of us did forty years ago in that mistaken use of American military might carries no credence in the politics of 2016 except to remind us to use military force only as a last option.

I killed also, it was part of my job description. But it did not make my testicles any bigger.


I must say, aside from being kinda creepy, it was totally politically weak. The other four candidates all just named giant industries and organizations, directly relating to political battles they felt passionate about and spent their careers fighting. He could only come up with an enemy combatant he faced. I have no idea if this was a calculated move on his part or if he literally could not think of anything else, but either way it wasn’t good.


He also botched the question…it was about the enemy that you were proudest to make. Webb didn’t make that soldier his enemy, they were enemies because of the policies of their governments. All the other candidates have taken positions that were unpopular with someone and created enemies, and that was the point…your enemies define you in some ways.

Webb and Chaffee both had very weak performances. Sanders and O’Malley were both good, but both had areas where they didn’t show much depth. Clinton was actually surprising…she came across as personable, strong and deep on the issues, and willing to stand up and fight for what she thought was right. I think she at the least made the Biden talk a non-issue, shored up confidence in her campaign, and managed to look more presidential than the rest of the candidates.


Well played, well played.

I laughed at Webb all night. I was literally in tears laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. It was almost as if Ben Carson had put on white face and wandered in from the street. He was so far out of his depth that nothing he said seemed to even fit with the conversation. He needed to be in his own kiddie table debate.

I do see what Josh meant about Webb picking up a few points. I think Josh was saying that there is still a portion of the Democratic Party, albeit a very, very small one, who might align with Webb’s hawkish, blue dog policies. Those folks (blue collar, male voters who feel the party has gone too far left) would probably find Webb appealing. I’m not sure he’s wrong about that.


A shame about Chafee I say. Here is a man who bravely took up the Carter Administration’s goofball crusade – getting Americans to go metric! :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

My folks, particularly my father, are probably more Blue Dog than the like to admit. My father is ex career Air Force, so usually a candidate with military experience like Webb’s is given much deference.

He received none tonight in their house.

I think Josh is wrong on that one. If anything, his microscopic support just got smaller. For whatever reason, Josh left O’Malley out of his analysis, and I think that’s a big mistake. If there is room for a third candidate (and I think there is till Super Tuesday), then O’Malley is the guy.

I get what you are saying about Blue Dogs, but I was thinking on something tonight, watching Tweety. I don’t think there is any room for Blue Dogs this time around. The party is moving left, at least for this election cycle. The GOP is likewise moving right.

And here is the thing…I don’t think there really are that many “centrists” left in the American electorate right now. Its certainly not a bell curve, and probably more of an inverted bell curve. One big assumption that a lot of people make is to assume that its a bell curve, and a pretty static one at that. In today’s world, I think its much more fluid, and the electorate is moving away from the center towards the right and left poles.


Chris Matthews was was warning that we don’t want to fall over the edge in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio by being seen as too left. (And spare me, gentle readers, yer bellachin’ about you hate Chris Matthews.) It’s a balance we have to get right, apart from Webb’ buffoonery.


My honest take: You are SSOOOOOOO dreaming!! :dizzy_face: