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Counter-meme abuilding! Anticipate hearing this again, at the ‘hearing’.

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She needs to use this and use it hard. Make a lot of noise about how the GOP has been on a witch hunt against her and how they have sacrificed the truth and smeared American heroes in order to do so.


I’m thinking now she will testify this month, when everyone has to be on their best behavior. And any questions that stray from the mandate, should be rammed down the GOP’s respective throats.


MSNBC? What’s that?

“Distressing,” yes.
But I’d have been spitting nails if she’d said “surprising.”

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We need to use this and use it hard. I don’t care if you are a Sanders supporter or a Hillary supporter, McCarthey just admitted what we all knew. The real problem is the infotainment industry works hand in glove with Republicans. Real stories aren’t covered but they devote endless resources to this and its off shoot email server story.

The American people aren’t being well served by either the Republican Congress or the infotainment industry.


I’ll be deeply disappointed if Hillary doesn’t use this to kick some ass when she testifies.

I’ll also be deeply disappointed if she has any other stupid ideas that get discovered like the personal server. That was handing her opponents a baseball bat to whack her around. Foolish to the max.

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Indeed – it’s even more distressing than this accidental truth-telling:


Aside from this obvious witch hunt, the glaring hypocrisy of the Republican thuggees screaming about the lack of security while THEY cut $.5 billion from embassy security funding is glaring and breathtakingly hypocritical. Fu*k these damned witch hunters who won’t even accept the findings of their own investigators. Truth and facts mean nothing to Repukes and calling these hearings a farce is an insult to farce.

January 22, 2002: US Consulate at Kolkata, 5 Killed.June 14, 2002: US Consulate at Karachi, 12 Killed.February 28, 2003: US Consulate at Islamabad, 2 Killed.June 30, 2004: US Consulate at Tashkent, 2 Killed.December 6, 2004: US Consulate at Saudi Arabia, 9 Killed.March 2, 2006: US Consulate at Karachi, 2 Killed.September 12, 2006: US Consulate at Syria, 4 Killed.March 18, 2008: US Consulate at Yemen, 2 Killed.July 9, 2008: US Consulate at Istanbul, 6 Killed.September 17, 2008: US Consulate at Yemen, 16 Killed.______Total Deaths – 60
Outraged Republicans – 0


Rachel Maddow had an astounding bit about Kevin McCarthy on last night’s show. She dismissed him as a “political hack”, and played part of a speech on Foreign Policy given by McCarthy where he badly stumbled over word order and pronunciations and sounded like a complete idot - worse than Sarah [I never heard of a country called “Hungria”, by the way]. Either the man is dyslexic, in which case I feel for him; or he has a great deal of difficulty reading because he’s never learned to read very well. In my opinion, he really doesn’t seem very bright.

Heaven Help us


And the surprise is? Because… Benghazi!

Hillary, for the win!

McCarthy is a hack of the first order and will continue Weeper Boehner deconstruction of the House Speakership, the Boehner Office of Getting Nothing Done. I’m sooooo’ glad they got his admission that this Benghazi farce is simply a Kangaroo Court. Give em’ hell Hill’!

Hell, this guy would be a better choice than McCarthy, the rep of a district where meth heads go to die. Still, the GOP has only the bottom of the barrel as a starting point for choosing a Speaker, from there they have to work their way down…

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To be honest, other than FOX, most of the news organizations out there are after ratings…anything that will raise ratings gets space even if it isn’t in line with the GOP. The problem for Clinton (and Sanders) is that the GOP has just been far more entertaining. Sanders is cutting through the noise by going around the media, but Clinton hasn’t been.

What she needs to do is tap into the song “Razzle Dazzle” from Chicago…you know the one “Give ‘em that ol’ razzle dazzle…” If she gives them a show, she can get the media to pay attention to her and really cut through the GOP noise.

Americans need to hear how much all these hearings cost. Over and over.

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that it was “deeply distressing”

The truth hurts!

To Republicans, Chris Stevens’ corpse is a campaign button. Everyone has a right to be angry about McCarthy’s admission, but no one has a right to be surprised. It was always freaking obvious.

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