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Meh. NH is neither a bellwether for the GOP or Dems nationally.

Mr. Trump’s continuing success is great news for Republicans and Democrats alike. Nobody embodies and articulates conservative social, fiscal and religious values like Mr. Trump does. He is younger and more charismatic that even Ronald Reagan.

He does not hold his punches and speaks his mind. This will give voters a chance to understand the merits of Democratic and Republican policies.

Weird sample set…

820 “residents” and 344 “who plan to vote in Repub primary”

So 60% of the sample could plan to vote in the democratic primary or not at all?

Seems a 5% Margin is quite the understatement.

As much as Donald Trump wants to believe this is some kind of personal coronation, the only thing that these unremarkable polls signify is the absence of any single worthwhile candidate in the Republican field. I am heartened each time one of these polls appears – Republicans are further convinced that Donald Trump is their man. Please nominate this mindless clown as the Republican candidate for President. I’ve been waiting years to see the other side of Nixon-McGovern.