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I suppose it is possible schweich was just imagining the whisper campaign, but in that case i doubt that Danforth et al would be calling for Hancocks resignation.

I wonder if Benjamin Netanyahu feels the pain in his back yet? Who do the Republican ‘TRAITORS’ hate more a BLACK Prez or the Jews.? Do the ‘TRAITORS’ hate the color of Obama’s skin or is it the man they HATE???

“9:32 a.m.: The Associated Press reporter talked with Schweich again to confirm the details of the planned interview.”

“9:40 a.m.: Fitz received a call from Kathy Schweich after leaving an earlier voicemail. The two spoke for a few minutes…”

You forgot:

9:36 a.m.: Bill O’Reilly arrives just in time to witness the incident.

They hate “Jews” in general, but they need Israel for their Armageddon rapture fantasies.

Not discounting the bigotry and cynicism of GOP politics, but it seems worth considering that Schweich may have simply been mentally ill and this purported whisper campaign a paranoid fantasy. Certainly to react by killing oneself does not seem to be the act of a functioning, rational person.

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Jewish Republicans— look hard at the company you keep. A prospective candidate for governor committed suicide out of fear primary voters would think he is Jewish. Benjamin Disraeli, the conservative PM who really was born a Jew, when accused of still being one (his father converted the family when he was a boy) responded to the effect that while his accuser’s ancestors were running naked, painted blue, on the cliffs of Dover, his were receiving the 10 Commandments. In other words, Jewish ancestry is something to be proud, and not ashamed of.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want to associate with a crowd that would my religion against a candidate, and a crowd whose candidates might be driven to despair if they thought anyone thought them Jewish. To many of them, we Jews are just placeholders in the Middle East for the rapture or whatever the hell is supposed to be coming. After that, we will be consigned to our spits in hell. Why in hell would you want to associate with that bunch? No wonder they play games with the Iran negotiations— bring on the bombs, and then the rapture.

The more I read about this, the more the anti-Semitic whisper campaign seems somewhat of a red herring. I think he felt betrayed by his fellow republicans running such a nasty campaign against him in general. It feels much, much worse when you find out your friends are willing to destroy you then it does when your enemies do it. And he probably felt he was powerless to do anything about it, seeing how the other side had seemingly endless supply of money. And even if he could marshal resources, a whisper campaign by its very nature is impossible to stop.

For person prone to despair, this betrayal seems much more likely to lead to suicide than this specific accusation, which as it turns out is not entirely inaccurate. He does have Jewish ancestors. But if he was running in South Carolina, and the whisper campaign was about his illegitimate black child, I think the result would have been the same.

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I don’t think he was driven to despair because people thought he was Jewish. Like Disraeli, he certainly had Jewish ancestors. He was driven to despair because his own friends we so willingly to use the politics of personal destruction to beat him. He felt totally betrayed, and powerless to stop it. Even if he pulled a Disraeli, they would have moved on to something else.

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Ok, so some asshole was spreading rumors that Schweich was Jewish…big deal!

In this day and age, some back channel rumors about one’s freaking religion is enough to take your own life? I don’t buy it. Schweich was obviously a paranoid guy with severe mental problems, and if in Missouri in 2015, the mere idea of being believed to be a non-Christian causes you to kill yourself, well let’s just say the rigors of higher elected office aren’t going to work out for you.

Had he never noticed the things Republicans say about Hillary Clinton, and President Obama?