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Why do democrats back Christy’s budget???


Yep he’s running on the TPGOP ticket. The tea partliers love nothing better than a bullying politician that knows his power comes first and screwing the environment and people of the state is just the right tone to set.


Thing is, it’d cost in the millions for the state to commission a proper study bearing on the amount of damages Exxon-Mobil’s responsible for. Some might assume that work must already have been done or at least committed to, just from the fact of liability finding already have been established. Yet, liability was seven years back! If the expert assessment work necessary for that and assessing damages were the same, and so already done (SEVEN years ago), WTF has been the reason for the hold-up?

If the worst imaginable here is in fact true, this dramatically dwarfs every previous Christie scandal. It’d take something like ginning up a foreign war with deliberate exaggerations, inflated claims, and even fraud to outdo it, and then disgrace and decades to life in prison would be inevitable.


Absolutely. Bridgegate was childish pique. This is corruption writ large. The judge ought to reject this deal, which is well within his power to do.


3¢ on the dollar? Some tough Governor.


And that’s why they call him the outlaw Jersey whale. (h/t TBogg)


schadenfreude, baby!

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His approval is at 35% now, how low will it go?

             " Guess What? Yet Another Christie Scandal ..."

You mean he missed a bridge?

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The lesson for Christie, who is probably lamenting the effect this news will have on his nascent presidential campaign, is that the bad things you do typically come back to bite you in the ass. And Christie presents a considerable target.


he was never going to run for president he is running for a BIG job for his future, Like PT Barnum said “there’s one born every minute” Rubes

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Man should be in jail for 30 + years - is massively corrupt & has masterminded multi-million dollar kick-back schemes.

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I think you kind of burried part of your lede, leaving this to below the halfway mark,

In 2008 Exxon was found legally responsible for these messes, leaving
the only remaining question how much of the $8.9 billion the company
will pay.

I think that’s first paragraph important.


duh, when you want to run for persistent (sp), you have to have backing and the cash to move forward.
You need a sugar daddy.
Who’s the most pissed off in this country right now and needs a bonafied hand puppet in the white house to drive the price of oil back through the roof??
Am I getting warmer??
Just follow the money.

It’s a part of the Garden State that feels like it might as well have been assimilated by the Borg.

It truly is.

As I would tell my students, $250 million is closer to zero than it is to $8.9 billion.

Great imagery, there.

And finally:

The governor, multiple sources suggested, might simply be seeking a quick $200 million to plug a hole created by a recent court ruling that his administration must pay $1.6 billion into the state’s pension funds – a payment Christie hoped to skip even though doing so would violate a 2011 pension reform law he championed and signed as governor.

And the other shoe drops.

This was an informative, and well-written post. Thanks, Mr. Murphy.


.Why did they back CHRISTIE? Democrats had their chance, with Barbara Buono. And the Democrats lined up to vote for this thug. New Jersey elected this cheap Capone knock-off. As far as I’m concerned, Trenton and the entire state are getting just what they deserve. They are certainly getting what they asked for.


Christie, who’s usually extremely quick to mouth some sort of excuse or disapproval of having his actions questioned, is unusually quiet on this one. I suspect there’s a lot of “frantic message testing” going on trying to determine exactly how they’ll explain this one. I also suspect Christie will be taking a road trip in the near future so that he can explain it in some state other than his own.


Is it wrong that I’m smiling?


I cannot believe I’m the first in with that!


I’m shocked that Christie is giving a huge corporation a back rub
and lap dance. Financially—of course. Anything else would be,
well, like Christie—but grosser.