Discussion: Zinke On Saying 'Konnichiwa' To Rep: 'How Could Ever Saying Good Morning Be Bad?'

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Well, I can see your problem right there, Zinky.

You didn’t say "Good Morning."


Of course nobody would take offense at having presumptions made about them based on their appearance. It’s only natural to assume that a Hispanic person is illegally in the country, a black person steals cars and lives in the 'hood, etc. And none of them would possibly get offended at being stereotyped.

Yes, Zinke, you’re being basically the poster-child for passive racism.

So good morning, cracker.


Most racists, don’t think they are racist since they naturally look down on others.


And he usually says “Guten morgen” to Trump. I mean Trump IS a German name.


How could eating a Trump Tower taco salad to celebrate Cinco de Mayo ever be bad?


Yes, just like, “how could a friendly rubbing the head of a black kid be so bad?”

Face it, this boy is as dense as a lead brick radiation barrier.


Because the obvious response to someone who has just told you that their family suffered from an extrajudicial seizing of their property and liberty is to say: “Good Morning.”

I am beginning to suspect that Zinke is, (how can I put this?), an asshole, a racist asshole.



Found him

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Don’t kid yourself–he wants this fight. LOL TRIGGERED LIB SNOWFLAKES LOL. This is money in the bank when he bails on the wreckage of the Trump admin and parachutes over to Fox News.

Explaining the fine-grained details of privilege and micro-aggression is wasted on the guy who’s doing it deliberately and not especially useful for the public at large. There’s a more effective way of having this dialogue.

“Konnichiwa, Rep. Hanabusa.”
“Oh, fuck off, Ryan.”
“B-b-but I was just saying good morning! Why are you so trigg–”
“Yeah, again, fuck off. All right, I’ll skip my turn with this racist piece of shit.”

You can do it everywhere, too, not just with famous people.

“Why is it that THEY can say nigg–”
“Fuck off.”
“I think you’re being raci–”
“Fuck off, and fuck anyone so stupid they can’t see what you’re doing here.”

Because that’s the heart of microaggressions. EVERYONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING ON. They’re sometimes accidental but they’re never innocent. Don’t give the people doing them a chance to play the part of the wounded innocent.

“You like rap music? But I thought you were a feminist! How can you listen to all that talk about hoes and bit–”
“You’re not fooling anyone. Fuck off. And before you act all hurt that I won’t ‘debate’ whether it’s okay for you to troll me with your racist shit, let me just say fuck off.”

It’s hard as hell to do this but ultimately this is what’s going to sway the people who can be swayed. Listening to a lecture makes you empathize with the person being lectured. “Fuck off, asshole” makes you take sides, and it’ll usually be against the asshole.


Alternative Headline

Condescending Racist asshole claims he was actually being polite, while being a racist condescending asshole. Achtung, Sig Heil, the Kommandant is inside the garrison today, raise his condescending racist asshole flag.


I was born in Tokyo in 1953, where are my beloved, late father was serving with the Army Medical Corps* during the Korean conflict.

Zinke’s use of a greeting in Japanese (presumably a consequence of some of his Navy service time spent in Japan or Okinawa) is exactly the sort of thing my dad would have done in a friendly-intended way with anyone of Japanese ancestry upon his return to the States.

That said, Dad also referred to women of a certain faith/culture as “Jewesses” and, in his mind - in time, cultural background and geography - this was also acceptable.

Zinkie did not intend for his friendly-intended greeting of the congresswoman to play out this way. I’m certain it was a “we have a commonality” overture that we all look for in initial meetings with new people in both business and personal casual settings. But the clumsiness in his greeting we TPMers correctly perceive just goes to show how careful we all need to be in our public remarks.

I’m no apologist for Zinke. I live in Montana and am appalled with his policy initiatives at Interior, and strongly believe that the Whitefish Energy opportunism in Puerto Rico was a setup to line his ever-greedy pockets.

** As a reconstructive specialist at the Tokyo army hospital, where the battle casualties were transferred after Trapper and Hawkeye had saved them with triage at the M.A.S.H. units on the peninsula.


Perhaps because Zinke’s response was completely inappropriate to what Rep. Hanabusa had just said, and was clearly intended as a racial slur.

Where I grew up, a person like Zinke would be considered an ignorant, self-indulgent, snot-nosed sonofabitch. But then, that’s just me.


This asshole needs to be out of office as of yesterday.


konnichiwa is simply something Zinke and his family say to all their farm animals every day. So why is it inappropriate to us when addressing someone of Japanese heritage?

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Tone-deaf jugheaded white male dick says what?


And a pretty clueless one, at that. Trump guys, all of them, lack couth.


Actually, Drumpf is a German name. Trump is a name his grandfather made up when being German wasn’t so popular in the US anymore. Not enough to get your whole family interned, but, still, not popular.


OH man, he practiced that word a 100 times that morning too.
What a waste of time. Using the wrong word.
Not surprising.