Discussion: YouTube To Ban And Remove Extremist Content On Its Platform

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Fascistbook and Twatter to follow suit in…never.


“YouTube plans to remove thousands of videos under its new policy”

Only thousands?


In thousands (000s), as with financial statements? :wink:

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“YouTube announced on Wednesday that it will remove extremist content on its platform, including neo-Nazi videos and other white nationalist propaganda.”

So no more pro-Trump content?


Wow, the GOP is toast for 2020 if this actually happens…

To obscurity and beyond!


Yes, I am sure YouTube will be just as effective as Facebook and Twitter at deleting racist and misogynist and homophobic and anti-Semitic content - at least against those that don’t pull in any revenue for them.


Thank you, UTOOB. Now extend the benefit to humanity further by taking down those idiotic unwrapping videos.


Don’t approve of this.

Do we really want private corporations policing and determining which First Amendment Rights they want to protect and which they don’t?

Can easily see a day when Trump demands that they shut down speech on a topic we care about.

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As long as the internet groups profit on hate, they will continue to allow it to proliferate on their sites. The only ways to stop them is to regulate them, or to make it unprofitable to allow this garbage to exist. And, as we have unfortunately learned, there is a very open market for this stuff…a level of education of the nation to make believing things like white supremacy is just dandy really needs to happen here.

And, note that this is not a First Amendment issue, that limits what government can do to regulate speech, not what an individual company can do. The government can extend the hate speech already in laws to online content, as that has been found Constitutional, but it can’t tell Youtube to delete all videos saying Democrats are great (or that cats are smarter than dogs, etc).

It’s simple.

Google/Alphabet Inc looks at the viewers per channel.

Sees that cutting off those channels with the political cover allows them to not have to pay out ad revenue. Cha-ching.

Re-instate or allow to rebuild in 12 to 18 months, meanwhile all ad tracking of previous channels is lost, ergo less as revenue for the same content, but on different channels.

Too easy. ,

We’ll see what they can do. Policing video is going to be a hell of a lot harder than policing text. On the other hand, to date Youtube and Google have seemed fairly agnostic to the problem instead of actively malicious like Twitter and Facebook.

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they (reportedly) do that already.


This is good news. Studies show that Youtube is the preferred platform for young men, while Twitter is what young women gravitate towards. Anyone who has spent much time surfing Youtube over the past couple years could not fail to notice that it’s filthy with alt-right bullshit from angry “gamergate” and incel-type young guys who fancy themselves a new wave of intellectuals who have finally achieved the dream of rationalizing white nationalism, racism and/or misogyny into an acceptable form.


I really don’t get why YouTube, Facebook, et el., are so scared about removing this dreck. First, they aren’t government or even public spaces so, they aren’t restricted by the first amendment. They can ban whomever and whatever they choose, at any time, with no fear of breaking the law. Second, the right can wail about anti-conservative bias all they want, but it will have nearly zero effect on the bottom lines of these platforms. There isn’t going to be a mass exodus of conservative users because there are no other games in town. Conservative folks like cat videos as much as liberals do, and you just can’t get good cat videos on Daily Stormer.


Whether it’s via gaslighting or an erstwhile (and currently dormant) proposal (the killswitch idea), Trump mentions these desires on a near regular basis.


The issue isn’t so much that YouTube is trying to stifle anybody’s 1st Amendment rights, it’s that they’re now finally enforcing their own terms of service that users sign off on when they create an account with them. People like Crowder agreed not to harass people or post racist screeds when they created an account, did it anyway and got away with it for too long. YouTube is now just taking some token action on it because they’re getting negative attention in the media because they let Nazis roam free on their platform. It’s no different from kicking someone out of your home when they start harassing other guests.


Funny, not, that they needed to be shamed into doing what is right about hate. Glad I don’t use these types of apps.

Youtube is a private company, unfettered by the First Amendment and answerable to no one but their Board and Google shareholders. If we ever reach a day where Trump can tell Youtube what to shut down, we will already be deep in a fascist dictatorship. At this point, Trump can only whine and whether or not Youtube responds will be due to their own internal financial calculations. As I pointed out below, there are no real competitors to Youtube and so an imagined conservative pressure campaign or boycott would be toothless and thereby would fail before it even started.


Might not be restricted by it, sure, but they are the new public square. So voices taken offline are basically muted.

Just because we agree with their points for censorship today doesn’t mean that we will agree with the ones tomorrow.

Slippery slope.