Discussion: Youngest Migrants Held in 'Tender Age' Shelters

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I will not invoke Godwin’s law. I will not invoke Godwin’s law. I will not invoke Godwin’s law…

These people are evil. Honestly, if someone tells me they work for the Border Patrol or have a hand in ripping kids from their parents’ arms, I will try very hard not to spit in their face but they are complicit in evil. They cannot hide behind “just doing their jobs.” They are abetting evil.


“We have specialized facilities that are devoted to providing care to children with special needs and tender age children…we do not identify the locations…"

Secret baby-rendition sites.

Orange-jumpsuit onesies, petite zip-ties around their tiny wrists, and miniature bags over their little heads.

My G-d, how did we get here?


When this news broke, I posted this under another article. I apologize for repeating myself but I think most commenters here could use a tiny glimmer of hope that there may be a tipping point. Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino said that Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Melania and Ivanka (because they are mothers and have an obligation to do something) had better expect unbearable pressure and protests until this stops. Kumar was stronger and more forceful that anyone I’ve heard speak against this policy.


One mom or dad puts a baby or toddler in a playpen for short periods of time even when the adult is close by for safety reasons. I am getting ill imagining how they must have to restrain these young kids when they’ve got huge numbers of them and few adults. I’ve said this to myself so many times since 2016, but I can’t really believe that this is happening.


They aren’t abetting; they are the principal doers of evil.


WE? This is the work of Steven Miller, Putin, Trump and the Conservative Movement. St. Reagan unleashed these bigoted fascists and they are reveling in the suffering that they are causing. They can’t hide behind Jesus any longer.

How much longer can the GOP-controlled Congress stall taking any action against these concentration camps? And I don’t want to see Jimmy Kimmel clowning around with Cruz like he’s some sort of regular guy while children are suffering at the hands of these GOP cretins.


In history books, we read about how Germany’s economy in the thirties drove them to embrace the Nazis. Here we are, the most powerful country in the world and with a booming economy, embracing many of the principles that would have made Hitler or Goering proud. We didn’t need an economic collapse to get us here, just FOX News and a bunch of stupid people. Now we’re putting babies in prison. How do you think history will regard us for this?


Someone else said it on another thread here (and better than I will), but if we hadn’t pulled out of the U N Human Rights Council, we would have been removed.


Just heard the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (a woman doctor) interviewed. She had toured one of these toddler facilities in April. She said that the furnishings - clean cribs, books and toys, etc. - were appropriate but the kids were withdrawn. She said that in any group of toddlers, there should be talking, laughing, singing, and lots of movement but there was none of this. Her opinion was that most of these kids will likely be permanently damaged if this goes on. So hard to hear - but why didn’t she say anything until now?


You really want to know? It’s really Obama’s fault and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch too. They should have prosecuted and jailed all torturers and war criminals and their apologists. Bush, Cheney, Rodriguez, Colin Powell the whole bunch. Now politicians can commit any crime and as long as you wrap your self with flag it’s OK. Like Trump did today. I always considered the American flag just another piece of cloth. It has a darker meaning now.

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This is abhorrent. I just finished composing yet another letter to Cruz and Cornyn (like it will do any good). There should be no need for the Protect Kids and Parents Act because there is NO LAW that requires the separation of children from their parents. This administration has created a humanitarian crisis and only now that there is public outcry do Republicans offer a Band-Aid for a gaping wound. This administration has placed cruelty above justice. “American values” indeed…


They will not be referred to as anything but Baby Internment Camps.
And those deplorables who asked for this and got this are evil soulless demons.


Just read the transcript of Judy Woodruff’s interview with WH Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes “Leaker” Schlapp. My Dog why was she let out of the WH to argle bargle on PBS?

But, as we know, in American law, is, when you are — commit a crime, you can be an American citizen, you will be separated from your family. And this is the case in this situation, which means that, if you commit a crime, meaning you cross the border illegally, not through these ports of entry, you will be prosecuted.

Yes, you are separated from the family for a brief period of time during the hearings itself and then reunited. But that is where we are at this point. And what we need is, we need Congress to take action to fix this problem. This is very simple.

Hey Honey went a person is arrested they don’t also put the babies in jail.

I’m out F*cks for today, can some one loan me a F U for Mercedes?


“So now, the government has to try to hire more caregivers.”

Parents of the infants and toddlers would gladly care for them without pay. The policy is cruel, inhumane, and insane. As Senator Maizie Hirono said on TV, “Take that goddamn pen of yours and do away with this horrendous, inhumane policy of yours that rips children from the arms of their parents.”


Just read the transcript. What a damn mess. She cannot even get her double speak correct. Crossing the border “illegally” is a misdemeanor and yes a person can be deported. It does not require forced removal of children from their parents.


“In general we do not identify the locations of permanent unaccompanied alien children program facilities,” said agency spokesman Kenneth Wolfe.

This guy is an asshole. They wouldn’t be permanent unaccompanied alien minors if they hadn’t been ripped from their parents, douchebag. This is obviously nonsensical circular reasoning. And just to make it worse…he adds, “in general” meaning there are no hard and fast rules to any of this bullshit. Its all being made up on the fly like everything else this maladministration does.

ETA: I have never known a social service agency or non-profit that needed a designated spokesman. This guy is a hack for the tRump administration.


A bit long but the legal rationale for this new policy maybe shaky and puts ICE, Border Patrol, and others involved at risk.


In case it hasn’t been named yet, I nominate Baby Ghraib.


I can’t understand WHY Comey and Lynch did not transfer the FBI agents in NYC to ALASKA. Oh, and thanks, Director Comey.