Discussion: Yankees Forever: The Politics of (Not) Rooting for the Underdog

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Yankees? Hatem.

May the ghost of Frank Lary* haunt them.


*Though he’s not yet dead.

Makes sense to me. I loathed how Shrub was trotted out by St. Louis Cardinals in the early Oughts by the GOP-loving owners. What can I say? I grew up in St. Louis and, talk about sports-as-religion? Jeez. My family has been rooting for the Cards since at least the Gas House Gang. Its pretty ridiculous the way Americans take professional sports so seriously but its a great link to our personal pasts, as flawed as it is.

Oddly enough, in the rest of the world, many sports teams (Real Madrid, Roma, Urawa Red Diamonds to toss a few names off) are defined by their politics and politics of their fans. And yes, i know people who have successfully overcome their Yankees predilection, so there’s still hope for this writer.


All team owners have lots of $$$$$$$$$$; so nearly all owners are rethugs. It goes with the territory. Here in Chicago the north side team (I can’t say their name) has an ownership family that goes from hard core right to a bundler for PBO.

While I can understand that if you are a NYer being a Yankee fan is in your blood I still hate them. My happiest days, besides 2005, were in the late 70’s and early 80’s when the stunk.

If I could choose, I definitely would not be an Alabama fan. Do you know how hard it is to be a liberal Alabama fan anywhere at all, but especially Baton Rouge? As a Tuscaloosa native, I too inherited my unfortunate fandom. Don’t judge. Roll Tide.

You can absolutely choose to love no team. Frankly, why anyone would love any team is a mystery to me. The team exists to extract money from you, which is a crappy foundation for love.

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?? Ever been to NY? Mets fans will root for ANYBODY to beat the Yankees. NY has some fans who like both teams, but the majority either like the Mets OR Yankees, and hate the other one. Yankee fans will root for the Red Sox to beat the Mets despite the Boston-NY rivalry.

As a NYer, I have always felt the smartest baseball fans are here, St Louis and Chicago. St Louis fans are great. And if people love to watch and root for the team, who cares if the owners like Shrub, right? When I listen to music, I don’t check out the politics of the artist or publisher. if I like it, I listen, if I don’t , I don’t.

The place for politics is the voting booth.

Former Jets fan. The owner’s views finally proved so toxic that I gave up on the team. The mismanagement and level of play didn’t help.

Ok, so I wander into your village. I tell you that this “magic” totem is better than all other totems. Before I move on to the next town, I tell you to organize a game around this totem, and be true to your totem, and you will win!

Now, after I convince you to build a playing area, and pay for admission to the playing area to me, your team comes in with your totem, and the other team comes in with their totem, and they play the game and the winners are celebrated and the losers plot revenge, and everyone shows up next time and pays more to get in and cheer their totem.

Later, I set up a professional totem team in each village, and you have to pay me for that privilege. Still later, we send smoke signals with the results. Dar the Beer maker offers to pay your way in if you buy his beer.

You don’t own the totem. You don’t own the team. You don’t get to charge for admission. You hope for fame and that is about it, and some kind of honor before imaginary gods defeating imaginary enemies. You might earn some skins from folks renting your hut.

Why the hell are we still this primitive? Why are we still so absolutely, utterly absurd in our devotion to crap which does not matter? All professional sports are just different flavors of bullshit.


I’m from Chicago. Sox vs that north side team. My favorite team is the Sox. Second favorite, who ever is playing that north side team.

Escapist sports fans. From childhood it always perplexed me that we can easily study and understand that ancient civilizations used sports as an opiate for the masses and as a control mechanism to keep people distracted from their real problems. Thousands of years later humans still cheerfully engage in this escapism. Ah well, maybe I’m the problem by not giving into it.

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I have never understood the tribal identification with a team’s accomplishments. It has always seemed a kind of vicarious, atavistic wish-fulfillment to me, something in which males especially must participate, or risk appearing deficient. I have a depressed, anxious middle aged client who is completely swept away with severe depression for days when the SF Giants lose.  He also has expansive feelings of well-being when they win, but these are briefer and not as strong as when they lose.

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Perhaps the author could consider an alternative to stuffing the bank accounts of these asshole corporations.
You like sports? Watch collegiate. Watch local secondary schools.
And here’s a radical idea: If you think you like sports, get up off yer butt and join a pick up game, or play in a local rec league.

The teams exist to extract money from you while inflating a ludicrous and often ugly sense of “masculinity”.
So, go visit hookers instead.

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