Discussion: Witness: Unarmed Man Fatally Shot By Police Yelled 'Shoot Me'

Discussion for article #238121

Throwing rocks at police = death penalty.

Exactly the wrong way to handle the situation. Time is on your side, and de-escalation should always be your priority. Stay at a reasonable distance while he throws rocks. Stay in/near your car (charge him for destruction of police property later). Taze if you must. Taze again if the first doesn’t work. Take out the beanbag shotgun rounds. Put on your shielded helmet and rush him from all sides.

Cheezus Crisp there are so many ways to handle a methed-up, unarmed brown person that don’t involve 17 bullets.

The officers fired a total of 17 shots.

To deal with someone armed with lethal dirt clods and rocks? They must have been high-velocity, cop-killer dirt clods and rocks, right?

That rate of fire indicates amateurish panic, not level-headed law enforcement.