Discussion: With Trump Tanking, McCain Pledges To Be 'Check' On Hillary Clinton

Are you still supporting the GOP nominee, or will you un-endorse him? That’s the question you need to answer and then follow through.


He’s looking pretty worn. Imagine what he’ll look like at 105!


“Arizona will need a senator who will act as a check, not a rubber stamp to the White House.” (but a rubber stamp for the gop/bags)! There all fixed!

No you will just be more of the same, do nothing obstructionist, rubber stamp for the gop/bag party. Party first hey mcCrank?

BTW, you look like hell. Why would anyone want to vote for a sickly looking great grandpa senate lifer again?

Name three things you’ve done for the state of Arizona in the 35+ years you’ve been in office old man.


We will have to pry open his crypt to find out…


He can’t even stand up to Trump. How does he plan to stand up to Hillary?


But if good GOP Arizonans think Trump is going to win, by this logic they should vote for the Democratic Senator, as a check on Trump.


@centralasiaexpat, @azjude: Whatever one may think of McCain’s positions, history, accomplishments, party loyalty, etc, I am not sure why his age or how he looks is the thing we need to point to. I for one have no problem with someone’s age as long as they are mentally sharp. Keep in mind you will soon see a slew of “Hillary is too old” and “who wants to see an old woman in the white house” comments.

Sad part is whether you agree or not if the entire GOP acted more like what this ad tries to project we all would be much better of.


Gosh dang it, Johnnie! – I almost spit my smoothie on the computer screen. Please be more careful with the jokes!


Fair enough. I was alluding to his mother’s longevity, btw, so I wouldn’t rule out a 90 year old Senator McCain.

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That “check” is gonna bounce, Grampy, along with you out of the Senate.


“***She won’t exercise her right to advise and consent o***n presidential appointments to make sure we don’t have the wrong people in important jobs or Supreme Court justices who will take the courts to liberal extremes,” McCain said. “I will.”

So McCain is alleging when the Senate votes on Executive Branch nominees for various vacancies she'll habitually abstain?

Sorry that went completely over my head, thanks for clarifying.

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McCain (Asshole - AZ): “Make America Fellate Again.”


Oh Johnny…you’re SUCH a suck!


That’s the hardest part for those voters…


Well him not looking like he’s going to last through the next senate election cycle, never mind term should be something everyone voting for him should worry about.

But more than that we have already heard the HRC is too old stick. At least she looks as if she’ll last through the next presidential term.

I for one, will never vote for a guy that says vote for me so me and my bagger friends can obstruct the government. We’ve had that for the last almost 8 years. And I am good and sick of it!


And she’s a bigger ball buster than trump is

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“My opponent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is a good person,” McCain said. “But,
if Hillary Clinton is elected president, Arizona will need a senator who
will act as a check, not a rubber stamp to the White House.”

John…politics is compromise, not obstruction. Haven’t you learned that yet?


Nope! It’s been working so well.

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