Discussion: With Lightfoot's Win, Chicago To Have First Black Woman And First Openly Gay Mayor

Congratulations, Ms. Lightfoot. Wishing you, and the city, the best of luck.


I see the value and reasons media choose to note the sexuality of a candidate for office. It’s good the public is made aware members of the LBGTQ community are making strides, and having successes, in breaking through barriers of bigotry and suspicion previously erected. Still, it’s odd in a certain way. Someone’s sexuality isn’t indicative of how they’ll perform in an elective office, or almost any other capacity.
We wouldn’t read reports saying “Lori Lightfoot, an open numismatist and self avowed cello player, has won the election for Mayor of Chicago.” It won’t happen in my lifetime, but one day being gay won’t be something meriting mention when reporting on one of your accomplishments.


One more leadership position in the correct hands. The sooner black women are in charge of everything, the sooner everything gets better.


“First OPENLY gay person…” Noteworthy that the TPM headline writer is obviously hip to the longtime rumors about Chicago’s (late) first black mayor.

Damn straight. Numismatist perverts.

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Also, he would only play his cello in the closet.

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I’ll be really disappointed if her chief of staff is not named Thunderbolt.


OT, but public transport now and then (Los Angeles 1926 vs 2019 is interesting).

Mapped: historic public transit systems v their modern equivalents
Artist Jake Berman plots old public transport systems in period style. From LA to Toronto, San Francisco to Buffalo, he has created maps of cities’ modern transit too, so you can click and compare


I’m a big fan of the Echidna, when people defines mammals as ‘animals birthing live babies’ or some other nonsense, I mention the monotremes.

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Chi resident here …

Lightfoot’s HUGE win is the headline, but the real story is how many powerful Democratic Chicago Machine pols went down, including Pat O’Connor, who recently became the head of the City Council’s Finance Committee. The City Council will look MUCH different in May.

Oh, and I think Melissa Conyers-Evans is the first Black Woman to hold the city treasurer’s office, and she won by a big margin.

I’m super damn proud of my city today.


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Greetings from white-male-repug-freakazoid-ruled Kentucky. Super envious of y’all.



I moved out of Chicago to the 'burbs during the reign of Daley the Second.

If Lightfoot and the reenergized city council can follow through on even a few of their campaign pledges, I’ll gladly move back.

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Yep, the Easter Bunny is a monotreme (‘one hole’, not monochrome), nice with a seasonal reference.

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Where are you in KY?

Kind of like asking what seat you’re riding in on a Mexican bus.

Those maps are misleading because streetcars were replaced with buses, not completely abandoned. Streetcars are also equivalent to buses in terms of speed and (more or less) capacity, not subways.