Discussion: Wilson Lawyers: Cop 'Followed The Law' In Ferguson Shooting

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When the prosecutor’s in the bag, the defense attorneys needn’t do anything but show up.

“Wilson followed the law,” the defense said. “His lies were fully in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the procedures of an officer.”

The prosecutor nodded along, and everybody went home happy.

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If killing an unarmed man is following the law and training, we need to change both.


Racist lawyers supporting a racist cop, and a chickenshit prosecutor.

with that mindset, if I saw a cop shooting at an unarmed teen in the middle of the street, I could legally draw and defend the unarmed teen by blowing the cop away with 12 shots to kill him because?? I am a concerned citizen protecting those who are defenseless.
Wonder how that would work out for me.

Not very well. That is why this is such a farce.

So, it’s now ok for an officer to get out of his car, and shoot an unarmed man… because he is pissed off? No wonder the streets in St Louis County are aflame. And, BTW, to the lily white men and women who are harrumphing about the ill behaved black folks… if you can find it in your pea brain to put yourself in their shoes for once… you might find some understanding of where they are coming from.

The white police have the guns. The white police can arrest you and take away your freedom. Now, it’s been legalized that white police can take your life, and nothing happens to them. I get why they the brown folks are angry.

It is a reality of life that if you punch a police officer in the face, and then attempt to grab his weapon… that you are going to your final reward. And you’re leaving tonight. Full stop.

The “Prosecutor” sounded more like a bought and paid for prostitute.

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IF Wilson followed the law, then Mr. Bumble was right—“The law is an ass.”

Actually, he didn’t. Take a look at the stunningly detail-free police report in the wake of the incident.

Full stop my ass. The reality is that once a subject has been subdued, he should not be executed. The glee that execution confers to white supremacist bigots is not a justification.