Discussion: Wilmore: If We Blame Obama For Benghazi, We Have To Blame Bush For 9/11 (VIDEO)

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Not Republicans. Democrats get all the blame, Republicans get all the glory.

Wilmore is delivering what we counted on Stewart for. His critique is funny, sharp and relevant – and you know he’s not just reading a script. I find I am watching this show much more consistently than Colbert and The Daily Show now. Last night’s opening segment and panel were great.

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Mr. Bush is exempt from blame due to the fact Iraq was Bill Clinton’s fault.

He was dead on. Let’s see if he gets the recognition he really deserves.

Ah, but those dickweed Republicans don’t think that way, now do they?

I get what he is saying, but still disagree with making the comparison. There is nothing comparable between the two in terms of scale or respective presidential actions leading up to the event. Benghazi in terms of scale is comparable to any of the dozens of deadly attacks that took place on US embassies/consulates during the Bush administration not the largest terrorist attack on American soil in history. The level of neglect is also different. There were no actions by the Obama administration leading up to the attack comparable to the Bush administrations complete, and at times contemptuous, dismissal of every warning regarding Bin Laden’s plans to attack. So I get what he is saying, but I don’t think it is fair to concede even this much to the GoP witch hunt on Benghazi. It just obfuscates the deserved levels of blame in both situations to treat them as comparable.


Wilmore’s coining of the term ‘Hypothetical Heroism’ in this clip is a dead on critique of Trump’s, Carson’s, and Bush’s lame brained positions currently being lapped up by main stream media and cable news. He is rapidly becoming the sharpest wit on TV today.

Let us not forget that it was Obama who got OBL and not bush and chenny

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