Discussion: Wilmington DE Church Collapses in Spectacular Fire

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Somebody’s ass needs to be in jail for setting this fire.


Dear Josh,

Do you even read your posts before you publish them? The first sentence of this article is incomprehensible. No wonder anyone who works at TPM doesn’t give a shit about the quality of his or her writing.

Remarkably, the first sentence of the first link in the TPM article is equally incomprehensible – not TPM’s fault there:

Drone video captured the roof of a Wilmington, Delaware church collapse to the ground during a fire Wednesday night.

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Context, please. Is this a predominantly African-American church? A quick scan on Facebook indicates that this may well be the case, but it would be helpful for TPM to include as much info as possible. This is just a fragment of a story that could have waited a little longer to be posted.


It’s a war on Christmas!

Get your AR-15s ready folks.

Wow. Two fires in two weeks? God must really not like them.

a radical right-wing jihad on Christmas.

Looks like it’s just missing the word “to” as in, “led to the collapse.” I fail to see how that’s worthy of mention since I didn’t even notice it the first time I read it. And I definitely don’t see why that’s worthy of insult. I totally understood what it meant even if it was missing a single word.


TPM: PLEASE remember to turn on the commenting for new articles you post. The two stories, so far, for this morning–Adelson and Cruz–the commenting isn’t on. This happens with some regularity. Thanks.


That’s a little premature.

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I never make a miss stake now that I halve spell chequer!

I’d like to see their budget/debt…just sayin’…

Is it insured ?

I’m guessing most buildings these days can’t be built without insurance. Next question is who’s the payee?

I think the Plymouth Brethren frown upon insurance (“don’t you trust the Lord ?”). You can probably not take out a mortgage without insurance…

Relax. It’s a predominately black church, so it doesn’t count.

Yeah probably but we are seeing a LOT of stupid behavior egged on by a certain GOP candidate.

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Actually most church fires come from being old buildings. Faulty wiring and grounds, overloading old circuits, etc. Plus many times vagrants crash in them, and set small fires to keep warm, and on occasion they get out of hand. And many of them smoke and leave lit cigarettes, etc. These are the most common causes, although two guys did get busted last week for setting 3 church fires in Delaware. Burglary/Arson rap.

We also saw a black guy set fire to two black churches in October, and I am sure the FOX nuts are commenting that it might be the case here (staged hate crime). Both kinds of speculation have no merit at this time.

The reality is that church fires are VERY common, so it’s best to let the investigation take place before making a definitive statement. Oh, I’m not saying it was not some white nut, but based on stats, the overwhelming odds are against that. The fact that they had a small fire a couple of weeks ago at the same place could mean there is an electrical issue… As an example sometimes food in liquid form (soups) can be spilled and can seep into walls and get onto electrical cables. Mice will chew off the protective insulation on those cables and cause a fire. But again, that is speculation. It could be a hate crime, or some homeless person who sleeps there and lights a fire to keep warm.