Discussion: William Kristol: Frat Boys Chanting N-Word Were Just Mimicking Rap Music

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Oh My Goodness yes! The N-words and F-bombs! Now were getting down to the real source of racial friction in America! Dark people are using foul language, and normal white people are listening to that rock music and their culture is being corrupted! The real blame here lies with Liberals and their government schools!


“repeat what they’ve been hearing”

Really? Which song was that and who was the artist? I’m pretty sure there’s a total of zero rap songs out there in which some black guy raps about hanging himself and other black dudes and then rejoices in the existence of institutionalized exclusionary discrimination. But hey, Bill Kristol is clearly the expert here on black culture and its victimizing effects on white youth, so maybe I’m wrong.


I’m sure that makes perfect sense in Kristol’s narrow little cubbyhole of a world. But the fact is, they weren’t singing along with a popular song, they made up their own song which included references to lynching people.


Kristol career establishes that American punditry is completely idiot-proof. No amount of being wrong, no amount of dumb ideas, not amount of victim-blaming can remove his seat at the pundit table.

meanwhile I await the many examples of rapper sampling “if you’re happy and you know it.”


I have argued within the LGBT Community that, if you don’t want people using a particular word, you don’t get to use it either.

Or if a word is bad- it’s bad for everyone.

But that doesn’t excuse what these frat boys did. Quite frankly, what they did was disgusting.

Of course, I “love” the fact that they’ve been punished more harshly than 99% of the rapists on college campuses. Reminds me of the Catholic Church…kick those who support same-sex marriage out of the Church, but keep the pedophiles.


I’m no historian, but I’m pretty sure that the use of the N-word predates rap music by, oh, I dunno, a couple of centuries.


For balance, Mika followed the segment with an SNL skit featuring Chevy Chase interviewing Richard Pryor for a job.


Yeah, it’s always the nig-- Oops! Sorry.

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A song which the ringleader said he’d been taught. So unless Waka Flaka has an outreach program with SAE something tells me that little ditty predates popular rap.


Why not just blame Elvis?


i wonder what their defense is when you know they have all used these epithets – most certainly in their younger days. no way that scarbro who is from the rightwing part of florida and who attended school in alabama didn’t have a chant or two during his frat-boy days. and kristol would have used these slurs while desperately trying to fit in with the popular crowd…


I guess N.W.A. and Wu Tang Clan are to blame for the Civil War. Wait, what?

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Yet another display of no personal responsibility from the party of personal responsibility. If you’re poor - that’s your fault and you deserve it. If you’re a racist - that’s not your fault, it’s just the liberal media keeping you down.


My grandmother did, for everything wrong in the country.


Hm. I was certain it was really the fault of the Beatles. So was Elvis.


All this from the Repubs, the so-called party of personal responsibility, except when they get caught and then try to blame someone else!


Well at least he didn’t outright blame Obama.

Man the bars they spit back in 1844 must have been hot af

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Bill Kristol has never been right about anything in his entire sorry life.

He’s a pompous ass with an over-inflated ego.

But it doesn’t matter if we like Kristol or not—he loves himself enough for all of us, as his constant smug expression shows clearly.