Discussion: Will Social Security Crisis Become The New Debt Ceiling Under GOP?

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Just scrap the cap.


That’s probably why the rule was changed, they have to introduce drama to give the appearance of actually doing something relevant for the voters. It’s more of an effort to set the agenda than anything else.


The Gop hate and fear campaign is working…I really hate these people, and I fear the gop more than any Al Qaeda, or ISIS group…at least you know these people want to kill us…It seems the gop/baggers are much much more dangerous, and evil than the Islamic Extremists…The corporate corrupted media, and the bribed congress, will be the death of many more Americans than what any terror group can manage…


Each day more and more Boomers retire. Many have little or no retirement money or pensions and the Repigs who destroyed the economy want us to suffer in old age.

Raising the cap on income = ALL INCOME - no funny accounting and no caps, ALL INCOME and then pay a LIVING INCOME for recipients.

I am 61; have paid into Social Security since 1968, work a good full-time job to this day and I damn well earned every dime I will get from my ENTITLEMENT.

Where is the INTEREST on all that money I’ve paid since 1968?

Hubby is 62, same situation - we FULLY EXPECT to receive our FULL ENTITLEMENT dollars as do MILLIONS OF HARD-WORKING AMERICANS.

Lyin Ryan and the Repig THIEVES have never worked a real job or a full-time job in their lives yet make a MINIMUM WAGE of $175,000 a year for 100 days of ‘easy work’ and have full retirement benefits and free healthcare for LIFE.


In 2020 we need to RE-DISTRICT and get rid of these GERRYMANDERED PIGS so we can vote in MODERN PROGRESSIVE POLITICIANS who work for WE THE PEOPLE.

I live in Tennessee, one of the low-wage, high unemployment, right-to-work, at-will states. How can our governor, Bill Haslam, who is worth over 2 BILLION dollars understand the plight of the citizens? He cannot and the rich much be tossed from public office.

BillionaireBill and the General Assembly of EvangeliBaggers did NOT expand TennCare (Medicaid) and 5 years later we are going to have a Special Session to work on the bastardized garbage the Repigs want approved by HHS. They want the ‘poor and disabled’ to PAY CO-PAYS for healthcare while jumping through more hoops to qualify. We have NO state exchange and the assholes have quit doing anything for TennCare and blame it on the ACA. The FACT the politicians decided the federal site should take care of state Medicaid recipients is one of the most heinous and ludicrous bills they passed. The feds did NOT expect to get ZERO help on healthcare, much less expect states to DUMP their obligations to their citizens squarely on the feds and not tell anyone is BULLSHIT. We pay higher insurance premiums because Medicaid was not expanded.

FASCISM IS PREVALENT IN TENNESSEE. Former Senate Leader Bill Frist, a gazillionaire doctor of HCA and the Terri Schiavo Fiasco notoriety is getting $22 MILLION in tax breaks for building a building in downtown Nashville. He was going to build the building anyway.

Tax breaks for BIG BUSINESS are the norm…tax revenues keep falling, we are the next Kansas with 9.75 sales tax on everything and now the PIGS want to raise the gas tax by 20 cents a gallon. But hey, no state income tax! Idiots in office cut state government to the extent no one can get ANY help.


“…a possible GOP angle is to turn Social Security into a perennial crisis…”

Proving they can’t manage the government.


““That presumably would keep pressure on Congress then to do some sort of reform sooner, rather than 20 years down the road,” Jason Fichtner, a senior research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center…”

Dylan, please always note what the Mercatus Center really is: another vanity think-tank bought and paid for by the Kochs, and installed as part of their $30 million bribe to the university. Any quotes from there should not be treated as though they come from honest academics in pursuit of truth or enlightenment (as implied when it’s mentioned along with a university name).


Uh, that’s been the plan of the Ayn Rand Party since 1935!


Typical Republican State where the Republicans talk the Jesus talk but walk the Ayn AS IN MINE Rand walk.

PS: Say hello to ol’ DesJarlais and quiz him about any other mistresses he got pregnant and forced to have abortions. Ask him if his REAL God, Ayn Rand, approves–yes, the same Ayn Rand who was a strong supporter of abortion rights…


Republicans hysterically turn everything into a crisis…which nobody put the TeaParty pays attention to these days. The Chicken Little syndrome set in years ago. All you need to know about SS is what happened to Ryan when he spoke at his mother’s retirement community…they drove him off with pitchforks and torches for suggesting that SS needs to be tweaked.


Rand Paul just thoughtfully admitted what I’ve been saying all along about disability fraud. It amounts to judging someone who parked in the handicapped spot but didn’t use a wheelchair. All that remains is to catch and convict a half dozen fraudsters and find out they’re all Republicans.


To answer the question posed in the headline: Yes.
Remember after the debt ceiling showdown Mitch McConnell said that some hostages were worth taking?


The whole concept of Social Security being in crisis and going bankrupt is a lie, but it’s a necessary lie to justify stealing your money.

I’ve been paying Social Security taxes since I was 14, you’re goddamn right I’m entitled to them.


Not to piss you off anymore than I am already about this state I retired to. Here lies the problem, the mindset and the bloody red drooling vampires followers of the idea:
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam ® is now the richest politician in the country, worth an estimated $2 billion, according to Forbes.


GOPers manufactured the same kind of “crisis” for the Postal Service…at the behest of UPS and FEDEX.


[quote]“We can’t imagine why Congress would take this path, when there’s a simple solution that puts both of Social Security’s funds on a steady financial path through 2033,” T.J. Sutcliffe[/quote]If she actually can’t image why Republican’s would take this path, and isn’t just saying this for effect, she hasn’t been paying attention for the last 30 years and deserves to be fired.

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Republicans HATE Social Security, and will stop at NOTHING to scrap it in its current form. The brain dead public knows nothing of this because they refuse to listen, and it is just as likely the Dems would get at least 50% of the blame for doing everything to save it, if the GOP manages to dismantle it.

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According to her, it’s “Ayn as in swine.” I’m happy to show her deference in that regard only.

The vast majority of retirees on Social Security get ALL of the money they put into the fund returned to them in something like 5 years. The only investment allowed for SS money is US government debt, the most secure in the world. If you are retired more than 5 or so years, you are already in the black, and receiving more money than you ever put in, even with interest. Social Security on the whole is the best deal in the world for everyone.


But how many are dead before they get a dime?

They’re interested only in managing the attitudes of the fearful white superstitious amygdala-dominated population about government. As we’ve seen, any actions they take with respect to government are to reinforce its revulsion within their base by making failure a self-fulfilling prophecy, paving the way for their primary goals of deregulation and shifting of the tax burden down the income scale.

I’m stating the obvious of course, just commiserating.