Discussion: Will 2015 Be Kinder To Republicans Or Democrats?

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I fully expect the Corporate Controlled Conservative Press to continue giving pass after pass to Republicans.


IT’s a shame that Josh doesn’t keep the site better-staffed over the holidays—all but two of the stories are several days old.


The nomination of Jeb Bush, for example, long considered his family’s one true " movement conservative," would be greeted by the mainstream media as a near-Rockefeller movement for the GOP - assuming, of course, Jeb can get through the primaries without signing without signing every rightwing litmus test handed to him.

I guess this is why a photo of Jeb Bush is accompanying an article about the prospects of Republicans and Democrats in 2016.


“Their House control is probably invincible until the next round of
redistricting; they won just enough Senate seats to give them a good
chance to survive a terrible 2016 Senate landscape;”

What a load. Are you telling me that Democrats can’t make a measly 4 seat gains in a year with numerous Republican seats up in blue states and very few Democrats up in red states. Dems got 200 House seats in 2012 in a year that was kind to Democrats, but certainly was not any sort of wave election. 2 years of Republican incompetence along with the prospect of a red “trifecta” will be more than enough to get the lazy Dems off their fanny and to the polls. (If that doesn’t, I don’t know what will.) Republicans still suffer from demographic woes.


Agreed. I’d add that there are no Democrats up in red states in 2016. The only Democrat who could be in any trouble is Bennett in CO or possibly Harry Reid’s seat should he decide to retire. CO is one of those states that leans red in the midterms but wildly swings back to blue in at least the last two presidential election years, so I think the Dem will be just fine. However, Republicans have nearly a dozen seats that could potentially be in play and will be defending seats in IL, WI, PA, NH, and FL that will very likely be competitive.
The key for Democrats will be to run hard and fast with Obama in order to hold his coalition, to be bold, and to get on offense and stay there. Also, something I think Ed misses is that there’s an unknowable number of Democrats or moderate white voters out there who refused to vote for President Obama because of his race. That won’t be an issue in 2016. Right wing pundits also claim that minority voters only voted for Obama because he’s black and that the next Democratic candidate won’t be able to reach those voters. What they fail to mention is that the majority of minority voters are women. There will very likely be a woman at the top of the Democratic ticket and I very much believe those voters will come out just as strong as they did for Obama to vote for the first woman president.


So do I.

However, I sincerely hope that there will be an increase in political involvement of those who think like both you and me.

It is going to HAVE to happen. It may be from things that are relatively unforeseen. For example, in North Carolina, the ReThug State Legislature has legalized (or will do so) hydraulic fracking. What hundreds of thousands of Wake County residents (those living near the state capital) may not be aware of is that this may affect the value of their homes. Although I am aware that voting Republican is a Tribal Requirement for many, seeing one’s home become difficult to sell because of fracking may cause some thick skulls to be penetrated.

There are many many other scenarios in which Tribal Republican Voting (T.R.V.) can be lessened, as reality seeps through thick skulls.

It is something we are all going to have to work on–getting those people for whom political activity is difficult to take the time to vote.


[quote=“PluckyInKY, post:6, topic:14911”]
“The key for Democrats will be to run hard and fast with Obama in order to hold his coalition, to be bold, and to get on offense and stay there.” [/quote]

Plucky, I love ya but you’re wishing for unicorns when you’re calling for Dems to do any of that. The abject cowardice of far too many Dem politicians is unfortunately matched (or rewarded?) by the apathy and laziness of far too many Democratic voters.


I for one am on board with a website allowing its staff to enjoy the holidays. There’s very little news out there anyway, sources are impossible to get a hold of, and few people are visiting the site. I say more power to them.


The only way for that to be accomplished is if Obama ends with a positive approval rating. I just don’t see that happening. I don’t understand why his approval is not higher, but it is what it is. Maybe with so many red senators in blue states they won’t act as cowardly.

I think that the democrats will keep on acting like jimmie carter and insisting on carrying a wiffle bat
to a gun fight. The republicans mean to win at ANY cost. The democrats conjure up an image in
my mind of Neville Chamberlain waving the Munich Agreement and declaring “Peace in our Time”.
Thats what I think. I hope to god i am wrong.


The headline poses the wrong question. It should be: Will 2015 Be Kinder to the Haves or to the Have Nots?"


Yes, I agree that based on recent experience that is the case. And you are probably right. However, complete cynicism is not a healthy diet, despite the abundance of reasons to be cynical. There are two factors which might cause a change. There are now virtually no Southern Democrats and/or blue dogs to water down an effective Democratic message. And the massive nature of their defeat in 2014 might just prod Democrats to come up with an effective message, and deliver it with unity and skill. As someone once said, ‘the knowledge that one is to be executed in a fortnight concentrates the mind wonderfully’.


If we ever make it out of elephant party hell, we’ll eventually see politics as pre-PBO and post-PBO.

Only if you approve of using rhetorical questions for headlines, because we all know what the answer to that question is.

Haven’t you heard - not only are we living in the “post-racial” America, we’re living in a “post-partisan” America too!


I don’t see Jeb as a “unifying” candidate. The right wing is going to go all out to destroy him and if they do not succeed they leave it to the Democrats. Jeb is not a dynamic campaigner and he is carrying a name that has been thoroughly denounced. As for minority out reach, Republicans have proven over and over again they are not capable of succeeding in that area.

Jeb stole an election for W.

It is possible to have a US census without giving states the ability to throw the voting in partisan ways that benefit them. Time for someone in USINC to realize the system is on the verge of uprisings from people like me with 38 million in CA, 2 Senators and we did not gerrymander our House so we have even representational voting. Or continue in the fascist GOP way to cheer themselves when they fix the vote giving politics to billionaires and rule with less than 30% who will soon learn they are also ignored when it comes to pushing money into fat cat pockets.

The assumption that the two-party system and democracy is still alive in USINC is in question. Jeb could easily be the “selected” one like his brother by the same people who also control the Supreme Court, Congress, media and most employers of size. The goal is not US citizens or the pretend “democracy”… It is global domination by those who reaped billions from Bushco. They are proud of their record in the Middle East. The criminals on Wall Street. The massive money pushed up to the select few. Four generations of Family Bush have been manipulators including the ones who invested in the German planes that bombed London.