Discussion: Wife Of Convicted Rancher: I Don’t Get ‘Purpose’ Of Militia Occupying Refuge

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That is priceless.


Militia there to put out the fire they created…

Serial arsonists.


Susan Hammond said her husband, Dwight, is already en route to Los Angeles to begin serving his sentence.



Anti climax…

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That’s OK…we don’t ‘understand’ it either. However, it is not ‘occupation’…it’s armed sedition.


Trump: White men should take whatever they can otherwise terrorists/rapists will take it anyway. Bleeding type dont know how this works. My family has been doing this for decades and I am a billionaire.


Sadly this mess is the result of a couple of knuckleheads who burned federal lands to cover up poaching. It was worth a few months or maybe a year in prison,but the prosecutor elected to prosecute under a statute that has a five year mandatory minimum. They were found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge tried to deviate to a rational sentence, but the prosecutor took the case to the 9th circuit and they upheld the law.

This story isn’t about the government abusing the people as much as it is about the insanity of mandatory minimum sentences that are routinely supported by Republican congressmen as proof they are tough on crime. Change the sentencing guidelines and this case has a solid result for all concerned.


Ammon Bundy, son of infamous Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy – who had his own showdown over public lands with the federal government in 2014 – has vowed to occupy the refuge for “as long as it takes.”

As long as it takes? To what, see how stupid you are?

Come out with your hands up assholes.


As someone else commented, turn out the lights, turn off the heat, don’t allow any food or water into the compound and see how long they last.


For all their tough talk about using their 2nd Amendment rights to violently resist government tyranny and their desire to see the “dictator” Obama hang by the neck, they sure are a bunch of cowards.

Open carry events? Always held in completely safe places like chain restaurants in majority white, middle-class communities or in Walmart.

These jokers? They commandeered an empty visitor’s center. How fucking brave of them!


TPM kinda missed the explosive headline if you ask me.


I’m guessing you don’t live near an area where forest and range fires represent a serious concern. Over the last 5 years and within 50 miles of my home, hundreds of homes, thousands of heads of cattle and sheep, millions of dollars of infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of acres of timber, and a not insignificant number of human lives have been lost due to fire; I myself was evacuated for six weeks during one Summer alone. The thing that each of those blazes had in common was that they all started somewhere as an apparently insignificant event and grew into the monsters they became. Fighting wildfires is a dangerous and costly affair, and the consequences of starting a blaze without having any idea of the eventual outcome can be dire, hence, the strict sentencing. Sentencing, I might add, not only intended to demonstrate the seriousness of the crime, but also to forcefully dissuade those who in the future contemplate a similar act.


The purpose?




The Hammonds, of Diamond, Ore., allegedly set the fires to reduce the growth of juniper trees and sagebrush and accelerate the growth of rangeland grasses for cattle feed.

After a two-week trial, the jury convicted the Hammonds of a 2001 arson known as the Hardie-Hammond Fire, located in the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Additionally, the jury convicted Steven Hammond of a 2006 arson known as the Krumbo Butte Fire located in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area.

The jury acquitted the Hammonds on allegations that they conspired and set two other fires in 2006. The indictment also alleges a fire the pair started in 2006 threatened to trap four BLM firefighters, one of whom confronted Dwight Hammond at the fire scene. The government later dismissed the charges over the 2006 fire.


TPM misses a lot of stuff that’s important not to mention many misleading headlines


Thanks. I’m sort of sympathetic to the Hammond’s plight having already served a year in prison, paid $400,000 in fines and now the Bundy’s and their baggage have attached themselves like leeches.

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Most of the media are giddy with the prospects of a Bundy style stand-off during election season. Personally, I think this situation is begging for a 'Rebels Without A Cause’ headline.