Discussion: Why Trump's Shady Foundation Practices Are A Major No-No In The Charity World


Chris Hayes made an interesting point on his show the other night that there are a lot of extremely sleazy things a president could do but would not because it would be too far out the norm of what is socially acceptable.

This begs the question would Trump limit his presidency by respecting societal norms if elected. Some are very worried he may not.


I wish with all my heart that Trump will rue the day he decided to run for president.


“I think the Trump foundation is flirting with that third tier tax, the termination tax,” Owens said.


He’s fucking it in the ass.


Shady practices define Trump.


Trump has already profited monetarily from his assault on American democracy - I hope that he will spend every penny he has gained from renting his properties and planes etc to his campaign on defending himself from an avalanche of criminal charges.


While you’re at it, look up “lost cause.”

Most people could care less about this. :wink:

In fact, these kinds of errors are just laying around everywhere!


Unlike self-driving cars, the United States will never be ready for a Trump presidency.


Private foundations – which rely on large contributions from a few donors – are bound by strict regulations so they do not become devices that wealthy people use to avoid paying taxes, the experts said.

Since we’re talking about His Orange Shitgibboness, that sums it up nicely, don’t you think?


Trump’s name is one of his most valuable assets. I have a feeling that will no longer be the case by the time the election is over. Perhaps, even a two dollar violin has its limits:


@misterneutron I see what you’re up to there. :wink:


Think he already may have crossed the Rubicon here!

Think about it: bookings at his hotels, restaurants, golf sites and more are substantially down as reported by various news organizations. Business journals have also reported business entities around the world are fleeing from the Trump name, have taken down Trump’s name from resorts, condo buildings and more. Sales of Trump named clothing have tanked and some stores voluntarily pulled his goods.

Now, comes the news that his alleged charitable foundation is caught self-dealing. One can bet that donations to this Trump ‘piggybank’, that is, how he has used this cash cow for personal gain, will also tank immediately, drying up all his pocket money, given that it’s still in the millions.

Upshot? Everything he has allegedly 'built" is now in tatters, with the NY State AG, SEC, IRS and maybe even FBI investigations seriously underway for self-dealing, Russian mob cash and US election interference, excise tax evasion and more! Further, his standing in the business community, with widespread tales of contractor non-payments and hundreds of lawsuits for each property, mean no smart firm will deal with him unless it’s cash on the barrelhead. Cash btw he is woefully short of.

Wow, could not happen to a nicer guy, eh? Bwahahahhahaha!


“bound by strict regulations so they do not become devices that wealthy people use to avoid paying taxes,”

Can anyone come up with another reason why he started the foundation in the first place? I have yet to hear anyone say what the purpose of the foundation is supposed to be. What problems is it trying to solve? What issues is it concerned with? Is there any rhyme or reason to the donations it makes?

Its main functions are seemingly:
Avoid taxes.
Slush fund.
Ego boost for Donald.


Except no one seems to care about this. All I see is on every “news” show is how Trump will only have to not drool or set a moderator on fire to win the upcoming debate.
Hillary’s charity, with an A rating from Charity Watch - https://www.charitywatch.org/ratings-and-metrics/bill-hillary-chelsea-clinton-foundation/478 - gets dragged through the mud for no actual reason whatsoever except the name on the door. While the Trump charity has been PROVEN and has already been fined in the past for being at least a private slush fund and at most a bribery machine … but who cares? Which Trump do YOU think will show up at the debates??? I can tell you - the racist con artist one.
The press has sooooooooo fucked us all this year.


“It’s rare to see acts of self-dealing. It’s extremely rare to see a pattern of self-dealing.”

Self-dealing, or as its known in layman’s terms, financial masturbation.


The GOP has already taken nearly all the norms that made Washington work and thrown them out the window. Now they’ve nominated a candidate whose mental illness very much includes a near-inability to even comprehend what norms are and why they’re good. The idea that you shouldn’t harm others unnecessarily even if you’d benefit in the short term is something he simply can’t grasp. Domination and harm is what he lives for. This man attacked the parents of an Army captain who gave his life to save others. He respects no norms.


Since the witch hunting GOP is going after the IRS head anyway, hopefully he’s willing to actually do something on this despite the obvious cries of partisanship.


I suspect that a lot of foundations established by folks like Trump and corporations are essentially tax evasion tools. Every taxpayer should be allowed to set up their own charity to enrich themselves.

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The issue isn’t that the average Joe doesn’t care but that authorities that regulate the charity world DO care. Ib22 basically nailed the only reason for the “Foundation’s” existence. Yesterday, I heard David Waldman on DailyKos radio and he really laid out in clear terms why Rump is violating laws that govern charities and basically make a slush fund.

mattinpa: Looks like he’s passed that trait to his sons, as well.