Discussion: Why The RNC Wants Nothing To Do With Trump’s Poll Watcher Call To Arms


The RNC is already in violation of it, because the RNC’s national nominee has called for its violation, and he, their representative, has not rescinded his command.


Document, document, document!!! Take pictures and videos. Send them to the FBI. Make sure any guns being open carried are in the photos. People across the country can prove this is a pattern and tie it to the RNC and Trump. Get another 30 years out of the decree and make it tighter! #nasty


Thank you for this outstanding piece of reporting.

I have been meaning to sign on to prime for months, but Ms. Sneed’s recent articles got me to finally get the credit card out. We need to support real journalism when we can find it.


But for the Republican National Committee in particular the rhetoric brings up a very delicate but significant issue that has its roots in a 1981 court case that has had lasting implications for its Election Day activities.

And 35 years later it’s still the same Republican Party. You’d think they might have used the intervening time to move away from the employment of such tactics, but you’d be wrong. Rather than abandoning their thuggish attempts to intimidate minority voters and instead trying to convince minorities that their party had something (anything!) to offer to minorities, they have tried to hold their intimidation attempts in check until the ban against them would be lifted. Now those who would intimidate are threatening to run out of control and destroy the GOP’s well-crafted policy of going underground until it was safe to show their heads again.

They’ve had their chance to change and they can’t do it. The die was cast with the “Southern Strategy” and there’s no going back. Jeremiah 13:23* applies.

*“Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.”


Good piece of reporting. Nicely done. More please!


Some bastards obviously have a deep-seated need for attention. These professionals are there to help.


How delicious it will be to see the GOP have to prove in court that they have no control over their own candidate.


1982 Consent Decree? Make it a PERMANENT INJUNCTION.!


I believe the expression is “you broke it, you pay for it”.

These are your folks, RNC. You will need to pay for what they’re breaking in the name of your candidate.

And fyi, as a way to try to minimize liability when y’all get sued again, the letter is pathetically weak.


So this answers my True the Vote tea party group question, but I think leads to another. When the tea party started they were not recognized officially as part of the RNC, but their candidates were on ballots with an R behind their name. So how much latitude given when a candidate seems to be controlled by two masters. And the consent decree originally covered the NJ state Republican Party but what about other state Republican Parties that are made up of whole or part tea party members?


And this is why the sudden departure of Murphy from the Trump campaign is so interesting.

Murphy was in charge of the GOTV effort…AND he was one of the main go-betweens for the campaign and the RNC.

My suspicion is, that the Trump campaign is attempting to morph their GOTV efforts into vote harassing activities, and Murphy is in far too deep with the RNC for them to have plausible deniability. Which is going to be difficult anyway, given how they have been doing most of the heavy lifting with regards to actual campaign work for Trump all along. For all normal purposes, the RNC IS Trump’s ground campaign. Campaign coordinators, field officers, etc are largely RNC personnel. So anything that “Trump supporters” do, is going to come right back on the RNC.

Having Murphy in charge of the ground game AND coordinating directing with the RNC on a daily or near daily basis makes the upcoming lawsuit open and shut.


I love the smell of desperation in the morning…


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When voter suppression is not rigging


I agree. I’m traveling but gonna sign up for prime as soon as I’m back.

We have our complaints about proofreading as well as some articles which have shallow analysis. However, that is an unfortunate consequence of today’s news environment where it’s really hard to devote enough resources towards everything because of the difficulty in making money for a news operation online. And anyways, when there are issues the comments usually point it out immediately, and with the new commenting system, it’s also very easy to find 3rd party related resources.

The original reporting provided by TPM, however, is often top notch, and covers topics I have simply never seen elsewhere. I often find something that was covered in TPM, that then becomes a major issue a few weeks and even months later. In addition Josh’s analysis is unparalleled. I don’t think anyone understands the political environment today better than he does (Trump’s razor is only the latest, and probably best, example of that. He provided a framework to understand Trump months before anyone had any idea what Teump was up to).

I am convinced the value I get out of TPM is definitely worth at least a Prime membership, and I am excited in joining the community soon.


Testimony at hearing to continue the decree or sanctions for another 25-35 years: “Wait, what? Donald Trump? You mean the Republican nominee for President of the United State? No, he and his campaign are not connected to the RNC at all. We’re the Republican National Committee - not the Republican Committee to Nominate and Support the Republican Candidate for President. And that Republican National Convention where Trump was nominated to be the Republican candidate, we were not involved in that at all.” Good luck with that.


Thus spoke Dishonest Don, Republican nom-nom-nominee:

What have they got to lose? It can’t get any worse!

There’s outreach for ya!


Now listed in the Urban(e) Dictionary.

Very likely before Dishonest Don had any idea what he was doing, too.


Wink, wink the letter did not add, but decidedly implied.