Discussion: Why Republican Leaders Just Can't Quit Donald Trump


so this sorta boils down to party over Country and now the Repubs can show the lack of spine that Dems were formerly accused of…


You broke it, you buy it.

They get no sympathy from me.


You built this, boys. You own it. Great job. Maybe “thoughts and prayers” will help you. Good luck.


Fellas, I feel for ya. No, really…I do. Really! (How do you render suppressed giggling in print?)


~snicker~ always works for me.


“I just can’t quit you”
a/k/a Broketrump Meltdown


Good Read

The secret history of Trumpism

The Republican intellectual establishment is united against Donald Trump – but his message of cultural and racial resentment has deep roots in the American right

"That belief is comforting, but it is wrong. Trump is a unique character, but the principles he defends and the passions he inflames have been part of the modern American right since its formation in the aftermath of the second world war. Most conservative thinkers have forgotten or repressed this part of their history, which is why they are undergoing a collective nervous breakdown today. Like addicts the morning after a bender, they are baffled at the face they see in the mirror.


It’s Trump’s party, and they’ll cry if they want to
Cry if they want to, cry if they want to
You would cry too if it happened to you


Yes, I read that earlier today too. They make an excellent point.


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It’s all about the bass
about the bass
(no treble)

so, they are afraid of alienating the group of conspiracy theory believers they, and FOX, and the Talk Show propagandists and Breitbart and Drudge (and POLITICO) have cultivated for decades…

no Profiles in Courage


It’s tough to sound sympathetic when you’re trying to hold back huge wet snorts.


I understand these people are Republicans. Still, it’s okay once in a while to do what’s right for our Country.


The GOTP should simply get used to its new slogan: “Soft fascism for soft fascists” lol


What’s comical about this alleged “conundrum” is that the reason the GOP base is so out of control in the first place is precisely because the GOP elite has NEVER pushed back on the insanity infecting its ranks—all they’ve done is enable it and encourage it. NOBODY with any influence in the GOP has EVER called out Rush Limbaugh or Fox News for the continuing stream of lies and bullshit they’ve pushed for the last quarter-century. Quite the contrary—the Republican elites have cravenly tongue-bathed them right on up to the present day.

NOBODY with any influence in the GOP has pointed out with alarm how it’s nothing less than a theocratic party today—which is high irony, given that the one Republican politician who Trump is frequently compared to is Barry Goldwater, who openly criticized the then-growing influence of the Evangelicals when he was still in the Senate.

It’s like serving one drink after another to a family member you know is a raging alcoholic and then acting all surprised when they start breaking up the furniture, vomiting on the rug, pissing on the sofa, kicking the dog, and dropping F-bombs on your kids.


What Hillary’s opponent has done is to pull back the curtain completely to show that the modern GOP exists for the glorification and perpetuation of the GOP ALONE.

They are willing to endanger their own people, and the people of the entire world, just to hold power.

I think the word is “craven”


Battered Republican Syndrome…

GOP: Trump only hurts us because he cares so much about us. It’s just his way of showing it.


Thanks. A good read indeed. I can recall seeing The Managerial Revolution title on bookseller’s shelves over the years, never realizing it was a political screed; figured it for more B-school gobbledygook. And Sam Francis? Who?

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“The fact of the matter is that the 30 to 40 percent of Republicans who supported Trump in the primaries are not just going to go away if he loses, and they will need to be co-opted back into the party for it to survive.”

So the RNC is resigned to the fact future Congressional and Presidential candidates must craft policies and messaging, and structure campaigns, that will attract the very same voters that bequeathed them Trump this cycle. A Trump they dearly wish they weren't stuck with. A future of Trump lookalikes indicates their fortunes will improve down the road?