Discussion: Why Is Camping A White Thing? A Few Wild Theories

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Yeah, but what about hockey? NASCAR? Yacht racing? Polo?




What is the actually percentage of the number of black people who reside in the area that the movie takes place in? That may explain why the writer saw no black or brown faces in the film, or why blacks and browns aren’t camping in the area.

Whatevs. Being so irish-white I’m almost translucent…not to mention a hippy Phishhead (yes, my friends and I all look like these people…Marley t-shits included haha)…I love camping, but my god that movie looks and sounds fucking stupid.


Side note that got me thinking because of the stills in the article. Men of all color, take note: unless you’re an old gray dude going for the wizard look, stop growing goddamned beards. You look ridiculous and it’s fucking disgusting. Nobody cares about how “epic” your beard looks and the social media image memes regarding the fact that you grew one are long since old.

That is all.


Sorry, even amish gets its turn at being retro

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Camping is definitely a pastime for folks with lots of time on their hands, money, and other resources. A $400 tent, a $300 backpack and a $300 sleeping bag are just the beginning. There’s the 4Runner you need to take you to the remote trailheads, gasoline, fuel, water filters, freezedried food, specialized clothing. Then there’s the 1-2 weeks off (or more, if you’re doing the Pacific Crest trail) that’s required.

Far too old?

I was 31 before I made more than $12,000 in a given year. Didn’t stop me from camping. But then, I was never too concerned with “designer camping”.


As an African-American I have to say I’m a little uncomfortable that another African-American writer would blithely use the phrase “darkest-hued Americans.” My family is Creole (that’s African-French from Louisiana) and many members of my family --including my own mother-- are as light skinned as any white person. Black people come in every shade and many other races are as dark as we are.

That said, my father was a big believer in camping, especially if it involved fishing, his favorite past time.


You can camp much more cheaply than that, but I think the author of this article is right: it’s a white thing for many other reasons. To camp, it seems to me, you have to be at just the right distance from “nature” in your daily life. Around here, there are a lot of people who hunt in small part for sustenance but mostly to preserve the traditions of their more-rural parents and grandparents, for example.

And then there’s the whole “Fresh Air Fund” thing, about which I am not really sure I’m qualified to say anything.

yeah, at 38 w/Hollywood makeup, she’s the right age to play early 30s, but when you factor in that Strayed was a recovering junkie, she shouldn’t look as young as her age at the time.


It’s more fun to make it a racial thing somehow it seems…

The writer is a clown looking for attention. Plenty of black people fish, hunt, camp, etc.


I find it somewhat difficult to believe the writer could have been “Cincinnati-born and raised” without knowing a black man who enjoyed fishing the Ohio river or any of the lakes and streams of Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio, an activity also enjoyed by white people and one rarely enjoyed in an urban environment. The two black fishermen who spring quickly to my mind were the husbands of friends and one of them provided my partner and myself with Blue Gill and Bass for many years, one passed away a year or two ago and the other is quite elderly and perhaps this generational difference provides the understanding for the writer’s unfamiliarity with a still relatively free (license required) food source.


I backpack in wilderness areas every summer and fall. If I meet one or two people of color hiking the alpine trails I follow, I consider it a well-integrated trip. I think I see more gray-haired white people than people of color, and more young white people than any other racial demographic. Although, based upon my experiences in the last few years, it is my humble opinion that more white women are trekking through the mountains than ever before–if camping and backpacking follows the typically-seen political progression (white men then white women, then men of color, women of color), racial minorities cannot be far behind in the ultimate enjoyment of nature in it’s purest.


The author cites a study that 70% of those who engage in outdoor activities are white. But whites are 72% of the population, per the last census, so minorities don’t appear under-represented. That said, I rarely encounter minorities on the trail, though that may reflect where I usually hike (northern NY and New England).


Cook beans over a fire? That’s what guys with guns and bottles of whiskey do. They cook beans and vienna sausage over an open fire. After they’ve spent the day trying to shoot Bambi.

Real wilderness campers rehydrate freeze dried food with water boiled over a small camp stove. Well, most real wilderness campers. Some are natural food nuts who carry packs heavy with healthy foods that taste like road apples, and take all the fun out of hiking and camping in the backcountry.


Nonsense. Camping is cheap. I CAN be pricey, but certainly doesn’t have to be. I frequently prefer to camp out rather than pay for an expensive motel when traveling. Example : Acadia National Park - extremely expensive lodging in the area, but you can stay IN the park, right near the trail system, for $20 a night.