Discussion: Why Do Men Catcall Women?

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This is just routine North-American man-hating masquerading as intellectual thought. In other parts of the world, such misandry would not be published but in North America it is commonplace. It is a close ally of hate speech, and I believe it has Puritan origins: sex is evil, men initiate sex, so they are evil too.

The bible is not quite as harsh as the North American spin, but it’s all related. In the rest of the world, meanwhile, we mostly enjoy one another’s company in a relaxed way which also includes mutual respect.


for the record, this happened at a 2014 new years eve party not in september:

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We have a Senate actively trying to start war with Iran, and TPM is putting up sophmore year Women’s Studies term papers?


The title “why do men catcall women?” could be an interesting topic. Too bad the title has little to do with the body of the piece, which really focuses on rape and public groping, often in parts of the world with totally alien social norms and values. Typical TPM bait and switch.

I was looking for some insight, what I got was misandry. Another sophomoric lecture from the TPM man haters club.


Decent article; a serious topic-could have been longer and a bit more spelled out.
I notice that TPM picks article titles that give a misleading idea of the substance of the article; that’s unnecessary
and leaves a bad taste.


Yes, who wrote this headline. Plus, on the topic of catcalls apparently the author has never been to a male strip club. Plus while men are far more guilty of the catcall thing, I’ve seen many women make sexual comments about men who walk by them, etc. They just don’t do it as loudly generally.

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Yes, all those gang rapes in India are totally Americans’ fault. And all the attackers who are never even charged are really into “mutual respect.”


Also, it is more representative of some of the rap culture, not a male-female thing. Lots of rapper men have been killing each other for a long time. Now that a woman is involved, it’s only about gender? Yes, unspeakable crime by those punks, but she was targeted because she “out-rapped” them.

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C’mon, this is snark, right?



Exactly, women are treated so much better in most other parts of the world (eyeroll)…

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So, if the fourth contestant were a male instead of female this would have gone down the same way?

That’s a stretch…

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The article should have done a better job of tying its examples to the more catcalling in the title, which is also apparently the main topic of the author, given the bio. This doesn’t seem difficult to do, since the point is obviously that it is a matter of putting women in their place. After all it is a behavior that occurs when women have the nerve to be out in public alone without a man. And its main effect (and seemingly its main purpose) is to make women uncomfortable. Are there really still men out there who think this is something that women actually enjoy? Could there really be any such men who read talking points memo.

Unfortunately leaving this obvious gap implicit seems to have just allowed the discussion that follows to focus on that instead of the content. Well, to focus on that and the odd idea that since only some of the examples are from America the issues here don’t apply to America. Or that writing an article critical of the abuse of women, including programs that have shown some success at protecting women makes the author anti-male for some reason. Apparently anyone who doesn’t appreciate that there is nothing wrong with some men going out of their way to make women uncomfortable must hate men. Of course the gap there is much bigger than the gap in the article.

But then maybe the author of the article knew that in writing this article the commentators would help make her point by responding in the comments like she has some nerve to be writing in a public forum with mostly male commentators.


I do agree about the headline.

I’ve always been curious about men who do this. I can honestly say I’ve never even been tempted, and it’s not for lack of appreciation or because I’m such a straight arrow; it just always seemed like a stupid thing to do. Does it ever ‘work’?

And MrComments, I find it exceedingly hard to believe that women are as prone to this as men - got anything other than your personal observations? Because I think we’ve been down this road with you before. I know, maybe we could have a handsome hunk walk the streets of New York City with a camera trailing and see what happens? I’m pretty sure you will be disappointed…


Did not say that. They might have just shot him dead and skipped the rape part. Apparently these guys were friends and did not like being out-rapped by a stranger. It was pretty heated there from what I have read.

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I clarified that the percentages are far different, but yes, many women do this stuff. And one of the things people forget is that our “goodies” are hidden when we wear clothes, whereas a woman’s breast size is not. If men walked around naked, lots of women would make comments about their anatomy. No, not even nearly as many as men, but you can be damn sure there are plenty of them.

Good point, you just might be right (about the intent).

I’d say, intentional or not, her point has been demonstrated.


So, a male strip club is like walking down the street minding your own business in what way?

Didn’t do all that well on the SAT, did you?


So it’s just those damn rappers, and male/female had nothing to do with it?

Is that your final answer?


Or to put it another way: “this article did not evolve the way I think it should have. Therefore I am free to ignore any analysis or conclusions it comes to.”