Discussion: 'Why Are We Doing This?': Trump Aides Don't Understand McCain, Conway Attacks

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Donnie Moscow can’t help but attack. No sense of propriety, right or wrong.


The aides believe he’s using his vile personal awfulness to distract from his inability to address any crisis without highlighting his vile personal awfulness?

My head hurts.


Why are we doing this? If you haven’t figured out how this president runs things since January 2017, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention. Like a spoiled brat who cries and screams when he doesn’t get his way, he cannot let it go. He still talks about Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Mueller… he’d probably still talk about Rosie if he had more time.


For the same reason “crowd size” and “biggest win anybody has every seen” are back in heavy rotation: same old diversion schtick and controlling the news cycle on replay. He has nothing else now that “little rocket man” has left the building. It really had gotten boring and I can’t believe the press is even covering these bleats of a dying goat. Guess it pushes up Miller Time for the reporters and copy writers who just have to pull the past copy out of the drawer and call it a day.
Now that I am thinking of it, he must be so pissed that the NZ shooter took him out of the headlines. And now he has to compete with the UK debacle, he is going to have to do something like wet his pants climbing up onto AF1 just to get back on top.


"Why are we doing this?”

"I know, I know. Call on me!

“Because the president is a fucking loony.”


Why are we doing this?

If you’re working for Trump, and you don’t understand this yet, it’s time for you to find a new job.

It’s like that old line about a poker game: if you’ve been in the game for more than 20 minutes, and you haven’t figured out who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.


Really just astounding to try imagine any other recent president tweeting so much bull shit almost 24/7.


“It does not appear to be a great use of our time to talk about George Conway or dead John McCain. … Why are we doing this?” A White House official told Politico.

What are the odds that said official was Kellyann?


Must be new aides if they are wondering why Trump is doing what he’s doing.


Ask Sean Spicer how it’s goin’
Poor fellow , waited until the bitter end and now that Trump Stank won’t wear off.
Everything Trump touches turns to shit


Slim to none? She seems to just accept he’s full of shit and her job is to try and somehow make it not stink or act like it smells good…


If you’re working for Trump, you haven’t the judgment necessary to understand much of anything.


No, You couldn’t imagine
Not in your wildest fever dream. We have all suffered from lack of imagination as it has become far worse than anything we could have conceived.


“That was part of the arrangement!” cried Squealer. “Jones’s shot only grazed him. I could show you this in his own writing, if you were able to read it. The plot was for Snowball, at the critical moment, to give the signal for flight and leave the field to the enemy. And he very nearly succeeded– I will even say, comrades, he WOULD have succeeded if it had not been for our heroic Leader, Comrade Napoleon. Do you not remember how, just at the moment when Jones and his men had got inside the yard, Snowball suddenly turned and fled, and many animals followed him? And do you not remember, too, that it was just at that moment, when panic was spreading and all seemed lost, that Comrade Napoleon sprang forward with a cry of ‘Death to Humanity!’ and sank his teeth in Jones’s leg? Surely you remember THAT, comrades?” exclaimed Squealer, frisking from side to side.


Gee, I misread the headline. I thought it meant, “Why are we working for this asshole?”


It does not appear to be a great use of our time to talk about George Conway or dead John McCain.

On the contrary, I think it’s an excellent use of your time… please continue


Why? Because yelling squirrel doesn’t work anymore.


‘Why Are We Doing This?’

Because it is who you are.


Four legs good, two legs better.