Discussion: Why Are House Dems Letting Hope Hicks Testify Behind Closed Doors?

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I’ve got no problem with Hicks testifying behind closed doors to a Dem-led House committee.

That’s because I trust Nadler. Don’t @ me, as the Twitterati say :slight_smile:


I could speculate, but am all outa f*cks to give at this point.


Dems are bringing a pen to a twitter war. Republicans are running circles around them to use the media to inform the attention-deficit public.


It’s more like a slingshot to a nuclear war.
The whole point of hearings is to get public sentiment to support impeachment, or least get the public to understand just how criminal Trump is.
In this era of “Too long, didn’t read” the Democrats are fighting like it’s 1876.


Given the administration’s stonewalling, she said, “the law, under those circumstances, is very much on Congress’ side, but you are supposed to negotiate in good faith, and it doesn’t much help to point out that the White House is stonewalling if the Congress isn’t making any concessions either.”

Dems: unless we cave, we’ll be seen as stonewalling.

Reps: if we stonewall, we’ll be seen as negotiating.


Nadler doesn’t have Pelosi’s support to play hardball. Period!


“Trey Gowdy, when he was investigating [Benghazi], they held some private hearings, and they would gather the information in the private hearings that would then make them look twice as smart when they were pointing to witnesses in public,” he said, “So they used the private hearings for educational purposes.”

Imagine that, Dems NOT in disarray, acting strategically, not jumping the gun, methodically going about their business. Gives me hope. As far as I’m concerned Pelosi is doing everything right.


In answer to the question, she may have made a deal. She gives them extra notes and papers that Trump has ordered her not to give; in return she is allowed to testify behind closed doors.


“So they may be trying to identify some places where concessions seem worth it.”

My take too. Fine with that. Not interested in moral high grounds.

“The American people, again, will not see for themselves how she testifies and her credibility,” former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said in response to the news. “What they will get is perhaps hundreds of pages of transcripts of Hope Hicks’ testimony. What does that do? It adds to their reading assignment.”

I’d say many American people don’t even know who she is and won’t watch it. Public hearings are for people like Barr and Mueller.


If she testifies in public, lardass will be watching, and she knows it. If he has to read something instead, she stands a chance.


We need a full frontal accounting on the Republican Senate for their obstruction of justice.
This is ridiculous, the Republican Senate is what is allowing this attack on our nation to happen and they have been protecting the president since day one. trump’s antics are just a distraction to keep the heat off of them. We must shift gears and go after the R Senate and hold them accountable for obstruction of justice.


I think it’s totally plausible that the Dems wanted to avoid the appearance that they were picking on a pretty young white girl. Imagine if Hicks were able to turn on the waterworks after a particularly tough line of questioning, with the cameras zooming in on her tear-stained face as angry Dems demand answers.

Is that sexist? Definitely. But public perception is what it is. It’s the same reason that Republican senators brought in a female prosecutor to question Dr. Blasey-Ford.

In that same line, making someone testify in front of cameras is a performance, whereas doing so without cameras can lead to better questions and answers for actual information-gathering. Perhaps Nadler and Co. feel Hicks has information to provide that is more valuable than the public spectacle of verbally scourging a high-level Trump accomplice.


No strategy; no plan; no message; no clue. It would almost be comedic if the fate of our country wasn’t at stake.



As per usual, Dem leadership faces fascist bullies with platitudes, accommodation and concessions. Republicans would have already impeach and jailed them all with 5% of what they have on Trump and the criminal enterprise he and an impressive number of the Republican party leads are part of. Dems let off easier GOP thugs and bigots than they are on their own, punishing women and people of color trying to primary conservative Dems who have been in their seats too long and in many cases longer than should be kosher in a democracy (term limits for all!). It’s Biden’s party. And as long as it is this meek conservative nonsense, it’s frankly uninspiring and hard to vote.


Why did no one bash Senate GOPers for the close-doored Jr. hearing?


Dems keep trying to finesse the game, and always end up getting owned.


Its inherent. They’re Republicans.

We hope dems are looking for truth, we know Republicans are looking to hide it.

So from that vantage point, Republican closed door hearings are are an effort to hide the truth, and that is hardly news. With Democrats you wonder what they are thinking.


Attitude like this enables GOP. They’ve been spoiled by the media and the public due to low expectation.