Discussion: Who The Heck Is The Ex-Trump Aide Who Tried To Broker Russia Contacts?

oil, Cyprus and Trump



Yeah that Trump only works with the best people, the people he surrounds himself with are only the best!

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whose work experience includes stints at a handful of Washington, D.C. think tanks and a London-based oil and gas advisory firm

he is currently listed as a New York City-based independent “oil, gas and policy consultant

Now why would he be involved in foreign policy and trying to make connections to Russia? Make up for corporate losses on the Russian-involved Trump Towers?

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The former adviser repeatedly insisted Papadopoulos was not “a significant player” on the foreign policy team and described him as “probably the most junior guy.”

Sounds a lot like how Sean Spicer and Chiselin’ Trump described Paul Manafort:

Sean Spicer: “[Manafort] played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time.”

Chiselin’ Trump: “[Manafort] was with the campaign, as you know, for a very short period of time, relatively short period of time.”


Ah, right. I saw the name and just thought Greek. Of course I should have remembered Cyprus.

Seems to me that this youngest appointed member to Trump’s foreign policy team has similar credentials to Carter Page.

Possible that they had similar contacts with Russian oil and energy oligarchs?

Perhaps he was added to the foreign policy team at Page’s request/direction, as a subordinate.

Perhaps he performed tasks at Page’s direction to provide additional layers of insulation between Page/Trump and Russian oligarchs or the Kremlin, to provide more plausible deniability.

Sloppy reporting to let this investigatory story end because Trump associates and Russians deny that he had any real authority, or generated any results. Sounds like Junior’s initial statement (as crafted by DJT) that the meeting with the Russian attorney was a waste of time because nothing expected as a consequence of the e-mail occurred. All she wanted to talk about was adoption policy.


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