Discussion: Who Speaks For Robert Mueller? Rudy Giuliani Is Trying To

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Rudy, your 15 minutes of infamy are over. Please go away…

If by “speaking for Robert Mueller” one means, “laying out the case with bonus additional charges,” this may be true.

Because it is all just a game.

Also, yet another brand-degrading AP article on TPM.

“Our strategy is: When we weren’t talking, we were losing.”

Don’t anybody tell him …

Anybody else interested in knowing how much this is costing the RNC?

It’s the progeny of incest.

Since Mueller’s OSC group only “speaks” in court and in court filings, and because media is so desperate for narrative, the crap that Rudy spews is treated at first as PLAUSIBLE or POSSIBLE by the MSM and even more broadly in the journalistic community.

Then over the news cycles that follow, echo effects with that community, reinforced and/or manipulated by the likes of Rudy and the Trumpalos on Fox News, in the WSJ, and in the Sinclair network, becomes treated no different than if Mueller himself and his OSC spokes people were participants in the ongoing cable discourse about what they themselves are doing.

But no - they’re not participants. It’s just an illusion. And for the most part, the information fog from pollster-gathered entrails isn’t anymore reliable than the entrails of a sheep or goat were to the Vestal Virgins News Group in ancient Greece and Carthage and Rome, feeding on itself.

Soon, and for some time now it’s been so, media is picking thru crap acquired from media run polling of a selected human ungulate based samples that have been hand fed on media produced “fact” and “information”, all of it heavily laced with junk chemistry introduced by Trump and Rudy and the rest of Trumpalo call and response group.

Based on ACTUALLY information from the OSC in its in court statements and written court filings, it’s entirely possible that there’s been no more than one meeting between Trump’s attorneys and the OSC where the idea of when Trump might come in for an interview or testify to a grand jury might take place, and the OSC is entirely content at this point to investigate and prosecute related things until whenever.

It’s possible there isn’t even any CONTROVERSY between Trump’s attorneys and the OSC on any of this.