Discussion: White Parents Appear On Fox To Condemn Black History Month School Event

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If the Dad is a Deputy Sheriff, it shouldn’t be that hard to explain to his daughter that the Police are a force for good, but some police officers get carried away and do bad things. That police have badges, the power of authority and guns and while most of them use that power for good, there are a few bad officers who take advantage of that authority.

Power corrupts is a pretty simple concept. Or for an 8 year old, some people get carried away when given too much power, that makes it all the more important for the good police officers to stand up for what’s right.


Thus ensuring that Charles and Rebecca’s daughter, at 18, will change her surname and deny any parental relationship.


Yes, clearly, social consciousness of race issues is far too much for an 8 year old girl to handle…but a sitting Senator telling a 3 year old girl that her world is on fire is just fine. Can’t wait for this couple’s daughter to come home with brown bread in her oven.


Sure it is…if you desperately want your child to grow up believing in an alternate reality in which the police are infallible authority figures to be feared and obeyed at all times.


Seems as though they would criticize this just on the basis of it being a “Black History Month” event., even without anything to do with Ferguson.


Unfortunately, this family will get an apology long before Michael Brown’s family gets theirs.


Fox News cares more about these whiny white parents having to deal with an 8 year old who witnessed a [gasp] Black History Month event, than they do actual dead black kids shot and killed by police.

Note that.


It will be too late, she will be completely indoctrinated, and share her parents racist views.


Apology for what? The Justice Department report found what had been in the public record for months: that the physical evidence was consistent with officer Wilson’s account of what happened.
The report also found that blacks in Ferguson had been victims of a pattern of judicial and police harassment that bankrupted many people who didn’t have much to begin with.
That some keep clinging to the hands-up meme distresses me. I wouldn’t want it shoved down my child’s throat at school because it’s pretty clear it never happened. It also gives the Fox News crowd an opportunity to focus on its falsity while ignoring a larger truth about stubborn racism in our governmental institutions. Either you’re open to the truth or you’re not.


They want a “apology” b/c theyre inept @ parents and the fucking schools fault?


Michael Brown wasn’t trying to surrender. Read the DOJ report.


“White Parents on Fox News Condemn School’s Black History Month Event”

Elsewhere, the sun rose in the east, a man returned home from work, rush-hour traffic sucks, and Starbucks coffee costs too much.


It’s not inevitable. I was raised as a racist, although as a polite one. Once I got away from the atmosphere I grew up in, I realized that I was carrying around bullshit in my brain. I’m still a white guy, but at least I recognize that there is structural racism that makes being a minority in this country very difficult.


But they’re only infallible when it comes to killing people of color. When it comes to moving a a white man’s illegally grazing cows? Then all bets are off and cops are tyrannical government shock troops.


Give Elizabeth Hasselbeck credit. She can simultaneously display utter racial contempt and Fox News concern troll in one expression.


“Charles was described as a deputy sheriff.” End of story.


Haha so true

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DOJ concluded that the Brown shooting was justified, and they also said the hands up don’t shoot thing was pure nonsense. So maybe that should not be part of the program, yes?

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Orange County,VA is in a rural area of Northern Virginia. Not hard to understand why there are racial tensions there.