Discussion: White Nationalists Are Feeling The Squeeze After Charlottesville Debacle


Talk about draining the swamp! My hat is off to Allegra for talking to these scumbags.


Unfortunately , the White Supremacists are going to rallies around the country ready to start Trumpolini*s Civil War .


Fuck these scumbags and their selfish “we’re the victims” bullshit. Sad to think that it took the election of an idiot like Trump to wake up the left. Where were you lefties hiding before 2016?


Hey, that’s great. But it’s a disgrace that it requires the murder of someone by a white supremacist to prompt action against them. Dylann Roof all over again.


“Battles over whether one may spew hate speech in public are likely to play out on university campuses and in city parks for years to come.”

Differentiating free speech from hate speech isn’t really very hard, in a moral sense, but in a legal sense, the nuance is deafening.

There is a formula, but no one has found it yet. Any aspect we have on it is retrospect, at best.

One thing is for certain, in the Trump era, when hate speech is protected as free speech, the cost tends to be counted in blood.


All these neo-Nazis insisting they stand for “truth”, yet decline to be identified. If you’re so certain your cause is righteous, why don’t you have the courage to show your face?


This is a step in the right and wrong direction at the same time. The right direction, because it needs to be done. A message has to be sent that this is not who we are. The wrong direction because they are not going anywhere, they will now have get more creative in getting their message out.

This will make it harder to keep tabs on them, which in turn can only lead to greater potential for “mischief”.


Let’s face it guys, these white nationalists and kkk jugheads are nothing but domestic terrorists!

No doubt about it. They are America’s ISIS terrorist groups!


If one simple thing, use the occasion to end Trump’s political future. Decent people should absolutely not tolerate this!


So they will go to the IRA mode and promote anarchy in the form of the American Republican Army. It is no surprise that terror is the means to their end. It always has been.


I’m fascinated by the idea that these guys think that private, for profit companies such as large hotels, should have to provide them a forum. I can see that they have an argument for universities and public parks; they are more likely to qualify as open forums, But to threaten (and face it, it was no casual “observation”) an IRA type response if they aren’t allowed to gather in posh and convenient places suggests that these private businesses should be forced to jeopardize their brand to cater to racists.
On the other hand, I know of a hotel chain that may be happy to rent space to them. Florida, New Jersey…all kinds of locations that would be easily accessible. As a bonus, both the groups and the hotels would get lots and lots of publicity.


I would posit that is already a done deal… Trump’s addiction to celebrity’s really what brung him here, unfortunately, he’s learning the hardest way, that Men of Dirt shouldn’t run for President.

Trump had more dirt than Iowa, looking back, one must wonder, how did they miss such a deep pile when he was running?


Though his website and PayPal account have gone untouched, Jared Taylor, the head of white nationalist publication American Renaissance, likened large social media platforms to “public utilities” in their monopoly of specific industries, saying, “If they kick you off because they don’t like the cut of your jib, it’s a terrible setback in how you want to get your message out.”

Taylor said that he was “driven to” hold his publication’s annual conference at state parks rather than in posh hotels because of what he deemed “illegal pressure tactics.”

“We used to have our meetings in first class hotels, convenient to airports, convenient to international travel,” he said. “Now we’re really limited to public facilities. That’s a huge blow; it’s a huge setback.”

There’s a “first class hotel” in Florida called Mar-a-Lago that would welcome your business. Maybe you would even get a discount.


Consider that the ringleaders are exposing themselves now with manic impunity, and very much in public. The next few weeks will unveil their delusion of mainstream acceptability as they revel in their imaginary validation.

Their constant extra-legal recruiting and incitement shenanigans are stacking up, with every event there’s another body of video evidence that they are practicing clear patterns of hate speech, not free speech.

As the ignorant narcissists they are, they have been emboldend to show their ass, and sooner than later, someone’s going to kick it.


based on the history of Fascist movements, these kind of high profile violent confrontations has been a major tactic of these folks. from beatings & making victims down bottles of castor oil in Italy by the black shirts to the Nazis, even into the history of neo-Nazis in America. young, angry, disaffected mostly men are going to be drawn towards this, not turned away. it is a sign in their minds of a willing o fight the shadowy figures making their lives bleak. no matter what happens with Trump this dangerous fringe will continue like an abscess.


I have a strong sense there won’t be many Trump statues erected.


According to Brimelow, that cable hosts like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussed VDare’s predicament on air helped, too.

You’re doing a great job, Tuck.


But wouldn’t that hotel chain be a bit rich for the average member these organizations? And wouldn’t the de facto owner of said hotels have a problem of members of these groups lowering the tone of his establishments? I think it’s something worth testing.


Cause they will end up bawling their eyes out on You Tube a la Chris Cantwell…

And I have a dedication for Mr. Cantwell…
Give it 25 seconds to start…