Discussion: White House Undergoes Holiday Lockdown After Man Jumps Fence

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I wonder what was in the binder? A bunch of “facts” from Carson’s intell folks the guy thought Obama needed to know? Maybe he had the latest from Alex Jones in there. What a fucking dupe.

He just ruined his life over what we are sure to find out was bullshit. BY the way my American friends…its “inappropriate” to use the American flag as an item of garb. No hats…no tee shirts…it’s considered degrading.

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Pretty sure the binder was full of Mitt’s women,

Caputo mistakenly thought that Michelle would be hosting a Black Friday Matters sale on her Kale chips and other healthy food items.

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Au contraire!

This is the ultimate fashion statement for Teabillies.

Perhaps it was one of the many Repub candidates? I mean, after all, they’ll say and do anything to get into the White House.

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Obama is a guy you would want to share a turkey with.

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I know that a large majority of Americans have very strong and sincere feelings about this, but I have never been comfortable with this sort of elevation of symbols. I refuse to give somebody the power to enrage me simply by treating a piece of cloth in some manner that violates the rules. I refuse to equate a mass-produced physical object with our country or with the principles it [sometimes] strives to follow.

I generally treat flags, the holy books of religions, and other revered symbols decently out of courtesy to others, as I generally have no reason to upset them, but I won’t adopt their feelings toward those objects as my own.


Wingnut false equivalencies about “Obama’s open borders” coming on in 3, 2, 1…

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I tend to agree with you and would say just as our flag is a symbol of our freedom, the act of burning our flag should also symbolize our freedom.

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I absolutely hate symbolism - sadly another Italian acting like a fucking fool. I think I will stop acknowledging my ethnic background

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Only in America, in just about any other country we’d be talking about a dead fool.
Whatever statement this guy thought that he was making, the repercussions won’t be worth it.

You gotta wonder if he didn’t know that he could just get in through the front gate just like almost anyone else? Maybe his problem is just a lack of patience?

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It’s protected First Amendment speech.

I thought Carson was flying to Jordan not flying over fences this holiday season.