Discussion: White House Releases Photo Of William Barr's Swearing-In Ceremony

Ironically, I was swearing at exactly the same time.



Wow. That was fast.
No time to waste to shut down (redact) the Mueller investigation.

(but all indications are the facts will get out anyway)


Yeah, I was thinking it was kinda fast as well.

Like Maximus, I’m quite sure I was swearing at EXACTLY the same time. What a coincidence!

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Does the swearing in count if only his fingertips are on The Bible?

Embarrassing cross-body arm technique.

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Such a strange picture to release. Trump’s right handb and sort of hiding in Robert’s robe? Bible that looks like a dictionary and the cross-over pledge for the camera? These people are at the highest eschelons of our government, and even LBJ swearing in had more decorum. Like no one wants to be in a picture taken with these stoodges that history will not be kind to.

Dollars to donuts they had a better shot blocked, but the president insisted on being shot and his"good side" so everyone tried to mirror image the first setup and they just look as if they are trying to hide them plain sight. Except for Barr’s wife- happy to be there and bravely facing the camera, head on.

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Does anyone know what Matthew Whitaker’s job is now? His main qualification for Acting AG was that he was Donald Trump’s spy in Sessions’ office. What is the poor guy going to do now?

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Trump is clearly not wasting any time.

Oh, how much I wish (as I assume so many others do) that this appointment turns around and truly bites deeply into Trump’s ass. That would truly be a moment to savor.

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Couldn’t agree more. From my viewpoint there is so much that is unfathomable in the US governmental system. And, it is exceedingly difficult to swallow the idea that anything tRump gets close to has or is left with any integrity.

With his swearing in , does he take notice of the Constitution or of mr presidunce ?

Did the President wander off after the ceremony, saying “Who was that guy?”?

So, if he is AG now, than Whitaker is gone now right? And wont it take some time before Barr is actually in control of Mueller. so does that mean Roesnstien is currently in charge of that again for the time being?

Not much of his hand on the Bible there.

Like the Rosenstein and Mueller appointments, trump picked Barr because he’s a republican. And because he sent that memo casting shade on the investigation. Why did Barr write the memo? Seemed like a job application, but why?
These are all career DOJ professionals. Their allegiance is to the Constitution and the rule of law. Sure, Barr helped smooth-over the Iran-Contra findings - but that was nowhere near the ongoing crimes of this administration and their republican enablers. I don’t think any of them, including Barr can stomach that.
Here’s my Friday conspiracy theory… Barr and Mueller (long time friends, close friends) penned that memo to help get Barr appointed as AG. Now that he’s in place, he’ll work with Mueller to take the entire cabal down. Rod was prolly in on it, too.
Buckle up, Buttercups. This is going to be a wild ride!

If I’m right, we can expect a flurry of indictments in the near future. We may learn (later) that Whitaker had been refusing to allow certain indictments to be filed. Not that he’s out of the way, Barr and Mueller can get down business. They now have a House that’s cooperative and willing to provide cover and assistance.
It’s show time!