Discussion: White House Prepares National Emergency Plan, Tests How It Would Play

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I can save them the time. We workshopped that idea. Bupkis.


Nothing says emergency response like floating a trial balloon. Just ask any local fire department.


Just no. If you want to fulfill your campaign promise you should be working on getting Mexico to pay for the wall,


Breitbart Think Tank.

Wouldn’t open the lid if I were you.


Do it, Donnie. Follow the pencil-necked wonder-boy Dauphin’s advice. It’s played so well for you so far.


The idea that their planning involves message testing in the far right media bubble shows how out of it the White House team of d listers is…

An emergency is polling at about 25% approval, 15% less than trump’s aggregate approval, and 10% less than approval for his shutdown.

And it will really put republicans on the spot. No way those up in 2020 can support something that looks like (and is) a naked power grab of congresses constitutional powers in favor of the executive spending what congress expressly did not authorize. Those who stick with him will be badly hurt, and that some republicans will break with him will make it worse.

And oh, the courts will quickly strike it down, causing more changes for the democrats to attack republicans who stand with him.

Strategically, an emergency deceleration makes shitting ( gotta leave his iPad autocorrect, as it is so perfect :ghost:) down the government look like a genius move.


‘Miller likes the idea of a unilateral way to deal with his pet issue and circumvent the divisions in Congress.’
Most fascists do…


+1. Going this route will put major cracks in his senatorial support, cause his approval to fall into the mid-30s by showing yet more people he is a treat to our democracy and way of life (and is simply an out of control toddler) and will force vulnerable republicans - some of whom just endorsed him (you Corey gardner) - to either be glued to his unconstitutional power grab or stand up to him.


I suspect that this move would only serve to lessen the time to his pending impeachment in the HoR.


Next up for a Democratic President:
National Climate Emeegency
National Healthcare Emergenency
National Vote Suppression Emergenency


Why “circumvent the divisions in Congress”? Why not simply “circumvent Congress”?

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen, Anthem (1992)

I suspect a lot of R senators secretly want him to declare an emergency so that the courts can say, “No,” Dump can scream and whine about activist judges, and the rest of us can get on with our lives.


For some of them this IS plan B. Especially those up in 2020 in states where votes on these issues (Tillis, earnst, Gardner, mcSalley, etc) will cost votes on either the right or left of the republican leaning electorate.

“President Donald Trump has been meeting with Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, senior adviser Jared Kushner”;
Moe, Larry and Curly


Spot on.

Some time in the future, after they’re in jail or dead, I’d really like to know the biographical basis for Stephen Miller’s psychopathy.


Who elected Stephen Miller? Floating to “far right”? Not going to work out well for you WH…

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I am going with a combo of a microscopic mr. toad, along with having been “bullied” by both the boys and girls from an early age.


Oi, this is a new low. Time to educate people on how important the Army Corp of Engineers is to commerce in this country. Draining it of funds is the opposite of building our infrastructure. THat was one of his promises, I believe - to improve infrastructure. Not degrade it.


So, employing U.S. military personnel and expending DoD funds, on U.S. land, to respond to a national emergency. What’s to stop Trump from saying the Democrat nomination convention represents a national emergency, as the possibility of a Democrat President represents a grave threat to the country, ergo the 101st Airborne is needed to intervene?